Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Different Sort of Roommate

So I was searching for a different type of picture for another caption when I came across this one...the idea just immediately jumped into my head and I had to write it. Keeping it short was the hardest part! I was only able to find this one picture unfortunately so I couldn't make it into multiple panels, so I had to make it all fit on one!

“Whoa!” Tom was startled to awaken to the sight of a lithe brunette, naked in his bed, with a velvet hand wrapped around his engorged member. “I…uh…who—” Tom suddenly gasped as her deft darting tongue expertly traced the underside of the head, nearly causing him to release his load right then and there.  
She stopped and shot him a naughty look. “Not yet you don’t. I haven’t finished my fun yet,” giving him a playful pout.
Tom was bewildered, “I’m sorry, but who are you and how did you get in here?”
The girl seemed unperturbed, releasing his cock momentarily to answer, “Does it really matter?” then quickly resumed her previous activities.
“Well uh…I guess…I mean…” Tom was beginning to question his own sanity: a gorgeous girl in his bed giving him the blowjob of his life and he was wondering who she was? The girl did have a point.
“You really don’t recognize me do you?”
Now Tom was really puzzled. Should he? “Uh…no, I don’t, sorry.”
She giggled, surprising Tom. “Well, if you must know, it’s me, Dan, your roommate, but I go by Jill when I get all dressed up like this.”
Tom was stunned. The facial resemblance was there…and that would explain the makeup he’d found in the bathroom…and the clothes that Dan claimed belonged to his girlfriend. Tom could only look on in total shock as the pieces began to fit together, “Dan!?”
“Please, it’s Jill.”
“Right, Jill, but I, I don’t understand! How is this possible? I mean you’ve got…well you know and you don’t seem to have a…a…anymore!”
“Penis, Tom? It’s shocking, I know, but I have a special vaginal panty that makes me look like a girl down there. It’s fully functional too, an extremely realistic feel, so I’ve heard, as are these breast forms. I’ve never actually had the opportunity to test them out per say though. I’m sorry for deceiving you Tom. I hope you’re not mad.”
Tom sighed, “That’s alright. I’m just not…not quite sure what to think right now.”
“Then don’t think, or just think of me as a girl, who happens to be a little…different.”
Tom remained quiet for a moment, then spoke, “So, you said you’d never tested out your ‘equipment’ before…how’d you like for me to help?”