Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Beginnings

So I mentioned in my previous post that I had another idea for a caption that I'd post soon...this isn't it, but it's another one! The previously mentioned idea is still in the works, but please enjoy this one for now 

“Hey Bill, I uh…whoa!” Tom’s jaw dropped as he walked in through Bill’s bedroom door and saw a bare buxom blonde nestled comfortably in Bill’s bed sheets, “Sorry about that miss, didn’t know my buddy had company. I’ll just uh—“
“Stay,” she commanded, then in a softer tone, “please, Tom.”
Her powerful tone caught Tom by surprise, as did the inflection of her sultry voice. It sounded extremely familiar, yet he couldn’t quite place it, but he was sure he would’ve remembered meeting a bombshell like her. “I’m sorry miss, do I uh, know you?”
“Look at me.”
Tom scoffed, “Believe me, I am”. As if any man could do anything but look at her. 
“No, look at me.”
Tom sighed and rolled his eyes, but played along. If anything, she was giving him a free pass to ogle her all he wanted, and he certainly wasn’t going to pass up that opportunity. Looking at her was like looking at pure beauty. She had gorgeous long legs, smooth silky skin, and a beautifully cushioned derriere. Her figure was that of a perfect hourglass and her wavy blonde locks framed her seductive smile perfectly. Her baby blue eyes glistened like sapphires as they twinkled with delight, conveying a peculiar air of familiarity that seemed oddly reminiscent of…no…that wasn’t possible…yet…but it couldn’t… there was no way…but he knew that look in her eye…was it possible? 
“Bill?” He half expected her to either burst out in laughter or smack him in the face for such a ridiculous guess. Instead, she just smiled. 
“Bingo, but please, call me Mandy.”
Tom stood there speechless for a few seconds before he could begin to muster up his words, “Bil—I mean Mandy, I uh, I don’t understand, you’re a—“
“Woman, Tom? Don’t look so surprised. We’ve been friends for a long time, a long, long time. You knew about my secret desires, you even helped me put them behind me, if momentarily, given that there wasn’t a way to realize them. But guess what Tom? I found a way, stumbled across it more like it. Call it magic if you like, I call it a dream come true. It made me, me. It gave me the body I had always desired.” 
Mandy gestured to herself as she stood up and began to glide her way across the floor towards him, giving him a full frontal view of her naked form all the while. 
“These are actually my breasts, my hips, and my pussy now and it’s all real, no more silicone or latex. I am a woman now, mind, body, and soul. And I have a woman’s desires, desires I need a man to satisfy,” her voice suddenly slowed and fell to barely above a whisper, “desires that you could satisfy.” By this time, her body was pressed fully into his, allowing him to feel her soft curves and submitting herself in a powerful display of femininity.  
“I uh,” Tom began to stammer, tingling at the caress of her warm flesh and becoming intoxicated by her sweet perfume, “I’m not sure what to say, but I think that any man who would turn you down would have to be a fool, and I’m not a fool.” He gently wrapped his arms around her and allowed her to put a hand on his chest. 
Then, staring into her eyes, he continued, “But…if we’re going to do this, I want to do this right. What do you say to dinner? Seven o’clock? I hear there’s this great new Italian place in town, supposed to have the best pasta alla carbonara around, and we could finish it off by sharing a dolce Monte Bianco, what do you say?”
Mandy let out a cheerful laugh, “You are such a gentleman! That sounds like a lovely evening to me”. Then, with a naughty glint in her eye, “But don’t you be too proper now, I expect more than kiss on a first date…”