Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tiffany's First

Transcript: “Feels good doesn’t it?” Tim’s girlfriend Sasha cooed behind him. 
Tim could only barely mumble out a reply between his moans as his girlfriend simply looked on in amusement. Losing the bet had meant that his girlfriend could do whatever she wanted with him for twenty four hours. Of course, the fact that he had a witch for a girlfriend had certainly made things a lot more interesting. This wasn’t the first time that he had been turned into a girl, but it was his first time, albiet by a strap-on, and also the most pleasurable. This was undoubtedly turning into the best bet he had ever lost.
The sensations were incredible. Feeling ever inch of Sasha’s well lubricated strap-on sliding into his body’s virgin pussy, stimulating pleasure centers he never even knew existed before. He could feel the pleasure building, like a warm pressure in his nether regions. He squealed to Sasha to go harder and faster as he moved his hips rhythmically to meet her thrusts.
His girlfriend teased him as she watched him respond, “Like it now do we? Ooh, look at you, taking it like a pro. You know, I do believe that you’re a natural. Good thing too, since I already called Tommy over, you know his reputation don’t you?” 
Tim’s eyes widened visibly in an expression of shock, a strap-on was one thing but—
Sasha continued, “Of course you do. You didn’t really think that this strap-on was all we’d be up to now did you? This was just a warm up, for the real thing. I wanted to make sure you were all wet and ready for him. Tommy’s got a little fetish for threesomes you see and I owe him a favor, so tonight, Tommy’s going to get to have the two of us. The real trick though is on him, he doesn’t know who you really are! And as long as you moan and squeal like a little whore, he won’t ever know! So be a good little girl and act, if you need to, though I highly doubt it, like you enjoy it whilst he’s fucking your brains out, alright? Oh, and one more thing, we can’t be calling you Tim for awhile, now can we? How about Tiffany? I think the name suits you. So how about it Tiffany, are you ready to try the real thing?”

Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Trying to Help

What I hope to be a rather humorous take on the classic inadvertent transformation scenario! Also, please note that this is a monologue, just in case you're getting confused and saying "the dialogue doesn't make sense!" (I've definitely done that before :P). On a side note, this is probably one of my more favorite caps that I've made recently, hope you guys enjoy it too!
Transcript: Oh, thank god you’re home, Matt! Listen, you’ve got to help me, it’s me, Jake!
Yeah, I know I don’t look like myself right now, that’s sort of why I need your help. So I was ogling some really weird hot chick at the grocery store today when she caught me and cast some sort of spell to turn me into this!
Of course I know I sound crazy, but it’s really me! She said she hoped that this experience would teach me a lesson and that I would be stuck like this, as a girl, until either a year and a day had passed or until I fucked a guy and let him cum within me!
Now I know that this is asking a lot, but I really need a place to stay until I can figure this all out, you know the frat house would freak, or worse, if they ever found out! I was also hoping you’d let me borrow some of your ex-girlfriend’s stuff as well, my clothes just somehow disappeared on me and being naked is only making having this new body worse!
What do you mean, “It’ll be my pleasure to help you out in every way I can”?
What are you doing? Zip it back up, put it away! Do not—don’t you dare think I’m letting that thing near me! There is no way that thing is going inside of me!
Only trying to help, my ass!
No!! My ass is off limits too!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting Some Payback

Just in case there's much confusion about this cap, allow me to clarify it here. The majority of it is an internal monologue, only the first and last lines (note the different fonts) are spoken out loud by the character. 
Transcript: “Ooh yeah, fuck that pussy real good. Stretch that tight wet pussy with your big hard cock!” 
Feels good doesn’t it? I can see that you don’t suspect a thing. It’s amazing how real they can make something look and feel these days isn’t it? Who would believe that my appearance was all just a ruse, created by an exceptionally life-like bodysuit? Certainly not your bitchy new girlfriend, who dumped me for you, and should be along any minute now to catch us in the act. Oh what a surprise it’ll be, and undoubtedly not a pleasant one. It’ll be payback to you for stealing my girlfriend and to her for leaving me. Catching you fucking another girl after you’ve canceled a date with her to ‘study’ for an important test is not going to sit well with her, oh no. 
You know the risk you’re taking by fucking me like this, right here, right now, but you still can’t resist now can you? I knew you couldn’t. When I approached you in the hallway yesterday and asked if you could help me with my French homework, I saw the look in your eye and I knew then that I had you. Then, when I showed up at your house this afternoon, all dressed up in my pretty little schoolgirl uniform, the smile on my face was genuine, but not because I was happy to see you as I’d said, but because I’d noticed the way you were shifting uncomfortably, in an effort to hide the growing bulge in your pants. And I provided no respite, playing the part of the classic tease, appearing demure and innocent, but cunningly seizing every opportunity for seduction. To your credit, you had conducted yourself well, and it was only after I’d ‘accidentally’ fallen into your lap, letting you feel the enticing nature of my flesh, and stroked your ego a bit, among other things, that you’d finally succumbed, but all she’ll see is that you did.
Oh, I do believe that was the sound of her car and the front door opening. Time for the closing act: a screaming orgasm as she walks in on us. She’ll be twice as infuriated then. Not only will she be outraged by the fact that you’re cheating on her, but also extremely resentful of the fact that you’ve never made her climax like this before either. Little does she know just how much I’m faking it, or he, what a convincing little actress I can be. Here she comes, “Oh yeah, fuck me harder! Shit that feels so good! Make me cum, baby, I’m almost there! That’s the spot, that’s the spot, oh my god! Yeeesssss!”

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Marry for Money

I have a ton of shemale pictures that I haven't used yet and I've been wanting to make one for some time, so here it is! The story just sort of jumped at me when I saw the picture, but I couldn't figure out how to end it properly. I'm still not terribly happy with the conclusion, but it'll do I hope!
Transcript: Today is my wedding day. The ceremony starts in just a couple hours. So what are these two guys doing here with me you might ask? Allow me to explain. Though it may seem like it, I’m not just some cock crazed whore who can’t help but rip down the pants of every man she comes across. Far from being an impulsive act of passion, this is in fact a very carefully thought out step in an extremely intricate plan.
As you might’ve noticed, I’m not like most girls. One particular feature on my body tends to stand out in a very distinct way, my cock. You see, I’m not actually a girl. To get my hands on the Wilson fortune however, I had to pretend to be. With some practice, I got to be pretty good with a makeup brush. Add a well styled wig, life like breast forms, and some Oscar worthy acting, and Mia was born! Though the initial investment was extremely costly, the return will far outweigh the cost. As soon as today’s ceremony is over, I’ll have made it all back tenfold. As the new Mrs. Wilson, I’ll be entitled to at least half of Mr. Wilson’s estate, which is easily worth millions.
Now as for the two men servicing me, that’s Paolo and that’s Damien. I’ve paid them to help prepare me for tonight’s occasion in some very special ways. As old as Mr. Wilson is, there’s no doubt that he’ll want to fuck his new bride tonight, or at the very least, attempt to do so. He’s not marrying me for my wit or intelligence after all. Mr. Wilson believes he’s marrying a sultry, voluptuous brunette, and with a little help from an extraordinarily realistic faux pussy, he’ll have no reason to think otherwise.
To pull off the illusion however, my ‘pussy’ does need to be fully functional, which is why its opening has been made to lead to my ass. Though I am quite certain that Mr. Wilson’s member will be nowhere near the size of Paolo’s, I’m still having Paolo stretch it out for me now, such that my ass will be absolutely ready to provide the warm welcome of a woman’s flesh that Mr. Wilson is undoubtedly craving. Damien on the other hand is in the process of sucking me completely dry. I don’t want any mishaps tonight once things start to get hot and heavy. But with my exhausted cock tucked away behind a convincing fa├žade, it’ll be utterly undetectable, and with my balls completely dry, there’ll be no surprising climaxes either. Mr. Wilson will never suspect that his gorgeous new bride, with whom he is sharing his bed, his life, and most importantly, his fortune, isn’t entirely the woman she appears to be!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On Her Mind

So this was a caption that I'd written awhile back, but I wasn't that happy with it, so I'd forgone publishing it for awhile. Today, I went back and cut some text, changed some things, and over all, I am much more pleased with how it turned out this go around. I've posted the original as well, so if you'd like to see how it originally was, take a look, and let me know what you think of the changes!
Transcript: Ardent squeals continued to stream out from Chloe’s lips as the particularly well hung stud behind her continued to pound her eager pussy. Being in Chloe’s body was literally an out of body experience for Ben and though there was a particular discomfort to being so roughly dominated by another male, the overpowering sensation of heavenly bliss from Chloe’s female body certainly more than made up for it.
Ben had originally possessed Chloe’s body at the request of his good friend and Chloe’s boyfriend, Dan, who was looking for a discreet way to better learn how to please Chloe in bed. Being the good friend thatBen was,he had agreed to Dan’s plan. A few magic potions later, Ben had found himself in Chloe’s body.
The man pleasuring her at the moment however was not Dan, but Lance, the football team’s star fullback. The precarious situation had all began when, following Dan’s takeover of her body, he had found Chloe at Lance’s house and in the middle of a steamy make out session. Chloe was cheating on Dan! He’d wanted to pull away, but had thought better of it and stopped himself to avoid giving himself away. As dumb as Lance was, even he could’ve figured out that something was amiss if Chloe’s demeanor suddenly changed. The longer he allowed Lance to go on however, the more he found himself enjoying it, even starting to think of himself as her. If Chloe was a fine instrument, then Lance was a master musician. Lance knew just where and how to touch her petite body and what to say to fill her stomach with a thousand fluttering butterflies.
 It wasn’t long before the new Chloe had caved into her desires and
allowed Lance to take her entirely.
The pleasure that Chloe was experiencing now seemed almost ethereal. She’d never felt such bliss. For awhile now, the entire area from her hips to the tops of her thighs had been getting really warm. Her body had started to get tight as a wonderful pressure began to build up within her, signaling the point of no return. It had gotten tighter and tighter and warmer and warmer until suddenly, giant satisfying contractions began all over her body. Her toes clenched, her nipples grew hard, and her pussy had started to throb and convulse. She let out a feverish cry, begging Lance not to stop, but to fuck her harder.
Her thighs were still shaking and her body soaking wet as Lance flipped her over and spurted his sticky load all over her hot body. That had been amazing. Basking in the warm afterglow of her mind blowing orgasm, Chloe was no longer contemplating on the least painful way to break the news to Dan, but rather how long it would take Lance before he was ready for round two...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Naughty Afternoon Possession

Transcript: Alex smiled. This was amazing! He hadn’t really believed that it was possible, but the amulet had worked. As fantastical as it seemed, he was now inside and in total control of the body of Kara Stanton, one of the prettiest girls at school, and her lascivious body was his to do with as he pleased!
After making sure that her bedroom door was locked, he quickly began to strip out of her school uniform. As pretty as it made her look, this would likely be the only chance he would ever have to gaze upon what marvelous beauty lay hidden beneath the prim and proper of her blouses and skirts. Kara’s body did not disappoint. Her skin was smooth and fair and her frame gentle and lithe, but with a figure of a goddess. She had a beautiful pair of breasts too, large, but firm and appropriately sized for her age. Sitting on her chest, they looked perfect. It surprised him how small and delicate her hands felt as ‘she’ cupped her breasts. ‘She’ suddenly wondered what it would feel like to have a man caress them, but quickly shook the idea from her head.
An exploratory touch of her clit sent a loud involuntary squeal flying from her lips and an unfamiliar tingle reverberating throughout her entire body. Fueled by fervent desire, she immediately reached down for more as she let her other hand slip deep within the eager recesses of her womanly flesh. Lost in a storm of passion, it was only the incessant hum of ‘her’ phone that at last diverted her attention, an interruption, she vowed, that would only be temporary.
An impish smile crossed her face as saw who it was: Kara’s boyfriend. She briefly wiped her hand, picking up at once, but interrupting him before he could say more than a few words, “Hey stud, if you can make it over to my house in ten minutes, I’ll let you bend me over, hike up my skirt, and fuck me like a little schoolgirl slut.”
The line went dead instantly, but not before a flurry of activity, followed by the slam of a car door could be heard. He didn’t have to say a word, she knew where he was going. It was bound to be a memorable afternoon.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Preparing for Your Date

I actually wrote this one out...maybe almost a year ago, but I just never got around to making a caption out of it, so today I decided to make it happens. I quite like this cap personally, it's only the second cap I've written in the second person voice (I think, the other being Caught in Purple which I wrote a long time ago!). Let me know what you guys think! Do you like second person voice caps?

Transcript: These were the moments that you lived for. Everyone was out of the house and no one was due back for days. You’d waited an hour after the last person had left the house, every minute seeming to take twice as long, just to make sure that no one had forgotten anything. As soon as the hour was up, you’d sprung out of your seat and into action, your whole body trembling with excitement. With three whole days to yourself, you would have plenty of time to transform yourself into Sabrina and savor it too.
Your first order of business was to completely exfoliate your entire body. A special cream could be applied to all but the most sensitive of areas and a good razor easily took care of the rest. Once done, you’d hopped into the shower for a quick wash and to lather yourself in a variety of moisturizers and other bath products, their fragrant scents lingering around you, even after rinsing off. You spread layers of cool moisturizing lotion upon your newly hairless body afterwards, to ensure that it would preserve its soft supple nature.
You’d then sat down at your sister’s vanity table, picked up a small brush, and began with the foundation. You’d wielded your brushes with expert skill, applying blush, eye shadow, and mascara, which helped to hold up your false eyelashes nicely. Retrieving your wig and breast forms from a place that only you knew about, you’d attached the wig to your head and watched as the familiar dark, auburn, locks tumbled down into place. The breast forms came next, the cool glue of your silicone falsies sending shivers down your spine. You cupped the two mounds carefully, being sure to press them firmly against your chest long enough to allow for proper adhesion.
Applying a few puffs of your favorite perfume, you’d stopped for a moment to take in your new feminine scent, the aroma giving you an instant hard on as your fantasies ran wild. Ah yes, you’d almost forgotten about that. Waiting until your naughty little clit had settled down a bit, you’d grasped it firmly and winced as you pulled it hard between your legs as far back as it would go. The bit of discomfort was regrettable, but there was no sense in letting a little pain get in the way of the perfect look. A generous amount of surgical tape was sufficient to secure it in place, ensuring that it would not make any further unexpected appearances; that would’ve been quite undesirable.
Then slipping into your sister’s bedroom, you’d flung wide the closet doors and paused for a moment before strolling into a world of all things feminine. This was when having a shopaholic twin sister paid off. With so many choices and possibilities, you’d been unsure of what to try first. Eventually you’d settled on a colorful summer dress and slipped into it with practiced ease, the stretch of soft clingy cotton giving you pleasurable sensations as the tight dress hugged your body.
As you pause to examine your handiwork, the sound of the doorbell announcing your date’s arrival interrupts your thoughts. Throwing on a pair of flirty platforms, you teeter over towards the door, take in a deep breath and mustering up the most seductively feminine voice you can imagine, open the door and greet your visitor, “Hello Mark, I’m Sabrina. I’ll just be a minute more. Won’t you come in?”

Nice Equipment

Transcript: “So what do you think?” Charlie asked, as he tried not to look too embarrassed standing ‘naked’ in front of his partner, Devlin. He wasn’t actually naked or male in appearance at the present, for which he was grateful, all thanks to the state-of-the-art female bodysuit he was wearing. Posing as Devlin’s girlfriend was part of his cover for the mission.
Devin seemed to be even more embarrassed than he was. It had to be unsettling to see a ‘girl’ gorgeous enough to be a Playboy Centerfold, yet know that that ‘girl’ was not only a man in disguise, but also your partner! “Umm…nice piece of equipment,” Devin muttered uncomfortably.
Charlie couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease him a bit, “Piece? So do you like my tits, my ass, or my pussy?” Charlie made a full turn around to give Devin another look, finishing with a coquettish smile, causing Devlin to turn bright red as a small bulge began to form in Devlin’s pants. Charlie just watched in amusement as Devlin attempted to hide his emerging peak. He knew it was mean to tease him so, but it was just too good of a chance to pass up!
“I meant the bodysuit…you know what I mean,” Devin retorted back irritably, then softened his tone, “though you’ll certainly make for a sweet piece of arm candy. Now get dressed, we’re flying out in a half hour.”
“A half hour? The agency should consider themselves lucky I’m not a real woman…otherwise I’d only have been able to pick out which pair of panties to wear in that time! Still, only thirty minutes will still be a challenge…unless of course you’d be willing to help me. What do you say, I’ll pick out the bra, you pick out the panties?”
Devlin groaned in frustration. Charlie just laughed silently to himself. This was going to be a very enjoyable mission.

Final Inspection

Here's a one liner quickie for you guys today!


Recently, I've started going over my caption document and trying to finish those that I've started but just never got around to finishing. This is one of them. I wrote this one way back at the end of summer last year I believe, but I was just never satisfied with it, so it never got published. I've made some changes to it once again and instead of letting it collect more dust, I've decided to set it free and see how it flies. Let me know what you guys think!

 Transcript: Her luxurious hips sway sensually as she slips out of her black mini-skirt, leaving her stripped down to just her little pink panties and tight fishnets. The scent of her provocative perfume emanates from her alluring presence, intoxicating the room with her feminine fragrance. She wears it because she knows its effects. She yearns to be desired, to be ravished, and to be submitted to. 
She bats her lashes and flashes her lover a salacious smile as she slowly slides her perfectly manicured hands down her undulating body and towards her sex. A long, lascivious moan arises from her lips as the two meet, shattering the silence that had existed between. Her lover’s outstandingly obvious arousal immensely turns her on, urging her to continue. With her flawlessly round bubble butt in his face, she begins to peel back the last physical barrier separating her from him. She only does so because she knows that her power over him is complete. He will do anything she asks of him now, even suck the long hard cock she’s been so desperately trying to hide in her panties.