Monday, September 30, 2013

Sweet Candy (for realfield)

I knew from the moment that I saw this image, which was admittedly a long while back, that I would use it as a capback for realfield. The way she's looking up at him, her arched back, her position on all fours, it just screamed submission, the type of cap that realfield usually enjoys. Hopefully realfield will like this one!

Transcript: James couldn’t have planned the result any better. Few would believe that the servile bimbo writhing in front of him had once been Carl Jenkins, former Associate Vice President of Gasser Corp. and an ambitious young man who had gotten too aggressive for his own good. Not that he would blame them for failing to recognize Carl, with her marble skin, gorgeous features, and goddess-like figure, Candy, as he had come to nickname her, looked nothing like the man she had once been. No man, after all, had beautiful breasts as she did, or luscious cock sucking lips as she did, or a sweet juicy pussy as she did. Dr. Merkberg had really outdone himself this time. The facial reconstruction, tracheal shave, electrolysis, implants, final surgery and a few other highly experimental but effective procedures had all been his handiwork. The double doses of female hormones had been his idea too.
James was extremely pleased with how Candy had turned out. Dr. Merkberg had done such a good job that even her tight pussy felt indistinguishable from that of a real woman’s. Dr. Merkberg would be receiving an exceptionally generous bonus from him very soon.
“What have you got say for yourself now, Carl, or should I call you Candy? You look as sweet and feel as delicious as a piece now.”
Candy’s resigned whimpers and encouraging moans were indistinguishable from one another as James continued to fuck her newly constructed pussy, “Please Mr. Slade, call me whatever you like, but please don’t stop fucking me. I need to have your big fat cock shoved between my legs, please Mr. Slade!”
“Oh, you got it slut,” James answered as he intensified the pace. He would fuck this bitch over and over again until she could barely walk straight. Then, after he’d had his fun with her, he’d bring her with him to the office to service the other executives, ingeniously letting her serve as a reminder of what would happen to anyone who tried to cross James Slade.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bedroom Insecurities

Transcript: Sasha could only wait on all fours with her delectable ass up in the air as her friends, Jenny and Laura, each licked one ripe cheek as if grooming her in preparation. Although she couldn’t see him, she knew that some lucky bastard that Jenny and Laura had picked up was also behind her, getting ready to have the time of his life.
“I don’t know if I can do this anymore,” Sasha whispered to her friends apprehensively, “I’m scared!”
“There’s nothing to be afraid of, trust me,” Laura whispered back. “We made sure to get a guy who really knew what he was doing. You know how they say it’s not the size that matters, but how he handles it? Well, he’s got a delicious eight inches of eager man meat and he knows how to handle it!”
Sasha yelped at the thought of something so massive being pushed inside of her.
Jenny shot Laura a look. “Look, Sasha, if you want to call it off, it really wouldn’t be that hard to find another guy before the sex change potion wears off, if you change your mind again. It’s a big step to take, sealing the magic inside of you with a man’s seed and committing to be a woman forever. I mean, I think I speak for Laura as well when I say that I was pretty nervous about doing it as well! Giving up one of the largest portions of my identity was absolutely terrifying!”
“It’s not that. I know in my heart that this is what I want. Living out the past few days with you girls, as a girl, has been the most gratifying things I have ever experienced. I feel so lucky to have you girls as friends and more than anything I want this to last, but…” Sasha trailed off.
Jenny waited patiently as Sasha chose her words. Even the usually outspoken Laura was quiet. They both understood what this moment was like for their friend. It had only been a day or two since they’d been in the same position themselves.
“Well…to seal the spell…a guy has to cum inside of me…but I’ve never done this before, what if he doesn’t think I’m pretty, what if I can’t make him cum? I mean who knows how hard it could be to make love to a man and—”
Laura cut her off, “Take it from me Sasha, you’re a total babe, and the only thing hard here right now is that man’s cock, which is harder than fired clay. See for yourself!” Sasha snuck a peek from around her legs. Laura was right. Laura continued, “He wants you so bad that he’s been dripping precum all over the carpet for the last ten minutes from just the sight of you. Of course, our constant teasing hasn’t helped, but I’m surprised he hasn’t exploded already, so if you want his sticky seed, you’ve only but to let him in. He’ll probably hate me for saying this, but I doubt his ready to spurt cock will last anymore than three minutes!”
Laura turned out to be right, again. He barely made it to two minutes, which was just as well since they preferred to lick each other to orgasmic bliss anyways.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sooner than Later

Transcript: I’d known that getting caught whilst en femme was bound to happen sooner or later. I just hadn’t expected it to be this soon.
It’d been a quiet weekend in the house. My parents had left for the weekend and as had all three of my older sisters. I had volunteered to stay behind to watch the house and study for the SAT’s, or so I claimed. In actuality, I had no intention of studying. An entire weekend to myself however was the perfect opportunity to let my femme side run wild and go free.
Saturday morning started off without a hitch. I began by exploring into my sister’s wardrobes and selecting my first outfit of the weekend. Now, the great thing about having three older sisters is also having three older sisters worth of clothes, shoes, and accessories. I had access to just about anything a girl could want.  Eventually, I settled on a gorgeous green Jovani dress that my sister Ashley had worn to prom last year, along with some extra raunchy lingerie courtesy of my other sister, Vanessa. Then began the transformation process.
My first order of business was to prepare my skin. For total body exfoliation, a simple hair removal cream did the trick for the most part, while a good razor took care of the rest. A hot relaxing bath then followed, serving the dual purpose of softening my now silky smooth skin as well as putting me in the mood. I tried a variety of my sisters’ bath products, as well as their lotions and creams once I had dried off, leaving me smelling like a rich floral bouquet. Making my way to the vanity, I had just completed the long arduous process of attaching my hair extensions and applying my makeup when the unexpected happened. A voice called out and I could hear footsteps rapidly approaching down the hall.
I tried to hide, but it was too late. Standing at the doorway gaping was Edgar, Ashely’s boyfriend. Had I been fully dressed, I might’ve been able to convince him that I was a younger sister Ashley had never mentioned, but with my not so small cock still hanging free between my legs, I knew the jig was up. I could see it in his face, he knew exactly who I was and it was obvious what I was doing. I broke the silence first, pleading with him not to tell. Ashley would kill me if she found out that I had planned on wearing her Jovani dress without asking. Edgar, however, seemed pretty adamant to expose me. He informed me flat out that he would tell and there was not one thing I could do to change his mind. I stared at him in awkward silence for a few moments while my mind raced a thousand miles a minute to find a solution. It was then that I noticed his raging hard on. Slowly lowering myself onto my knees, I began to gingerly unwrap his package, first with my eyes and then my hands as I asked him one more time if there was really nothing I could do to change his mind. Nothing, I asked. Nothing, he said. Boy did I prove him wrong.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Demonstrating Talent and Initiative

"A few more hours later, I was pleased to see that I still had the touch. ‘Katie’ looked as ravishing as ever."
Transcript: Anyone that’s tried looking for a job recently knows that the job prospects are pretty terrible. First off, the chances that you’ll find a company or business that is hiring for a position in your field is small. But on the off chance that you do, you’ll also find that the competition is pretty stiff.
I know firsthand. Even though I had much experience in my field with numerous accomplishments and excellent references to show for it, I was being passed over in favor of younger, more obliging applicants, attractive females in particular. I remember one instance, in which I was lost out to a bewitching blonde, who admittedly, had one of the most voluptuous figures and stunning features I had ever seen, but couldn’t tell you the difference between a conditional variable and a semaphore. No one on the hiring committee seemed to care though, especially after she met with them privately, one at a time, in the corner office. I left my interview that day infuriated, but as resolute as ever. If that was the game they wanted to play, well, I could play at that game too.
It was a part of my past that no one really knew about me, save for a select few, but I had dabbled significantly into crossdressing and drag performances before giving it up after my college years. Finding my old cache of makeup, wigs, and clothes took only a couple hours of rummaging around the attic. A few more hours later, I was pleased to see that I still had the touch. ‘Katie’ looked as ravishing as ever.
A couple weeks later, I got hired. I barely had the time to say yes before my interviewer had me signing my papers. The special female pheromone laced perfume that I wore must’ve been a lot more potent than I thought. I swear he would have jumped on top of me and taken me right then and there had his office not had glass walls. It was a good thing he didn’t, or else, he would’ve found out about my tightly tucked away secret!
Since then, I’ve steadily moved up the corporate ladder. My looks may have gotten the job, but my skills get the pay. Exactly which skills am I referring to? Well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Process of Satisfaction (for Candy aka realfield)

"While most saw nothing more than another piece of exquisite arm-candy, James saw his masterpiece."
Transcript: Perfect. James Slade felt nothing but satisfaction as he gazed upon the yielding blonde in his bed. Tiffany James called her, though her legal name was something else. Her bleached blonde hair and shapely breasts were likewise no more real than her name. Even her tantalizingly sweet pussy was no more than an extremely well-crafted counterfeit. But no one except for James Slade would ever know. While most saw nothing more than another piece of exquisite arm-candy, James saw his masterpiece.
Tiffany had been a young man named Carl once. From the moment Carl had been introduced to James, he had begun following James around like a lost puppy. It was natural James supposed. James was everything that most men strived to be: handsome, wealthy, successful, and dominant. Much came from his inheritance, including the genes to his majestically sized body, among other things, and like many others, Carl had flocked to him for direction. In fact, Carl was so eager to please, that turning him into a sissy and had hardly taken any work at all. It had been somewhat disappointing actually; James quite enjoyed the gratification of crushing a man’s will before bending it to his own. Sure, Carl had tried to resist when James had had him injected with feminizing hormones and even cried the first time the James had pounded his tight virgin ass, but only the first time. Countless surgical procedures and untold hours of ‘instruction’ later, the finished product lay before him, awaiting its christening.
Adorned and painted in her very best, Tiffany had accompanied James to a company party earlier in the evening. Though it did not behoove her to stand as his equal, Tiffany had played the part of a well-groomed young lady marvelously well at James’ behest. Here in the privacy of a secluded room however, she could give in to her instincts; James was her master. She had hiked up her dress, removed her panties, and exposed her prize. Tiffany feverishly desired to feel her master’s enormously large cock within her once again, but she was his to do with as he pleased. Whatever James wanted from her, she would give. His pleasure became hers. Tiffany knew that she was her master’s sissy and nothing else could ever make her happier.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some Things Don't Change

"I started believing in magic again at the age of twenty one, when my ex-girlfriend, who turned out to be a witch, decided to punish me by transforming me into the most alluring siren you had ever met." 

Transcript: I stopped believing in magic at the age of eight when I discovered that magicians were nothing but lying tricksters. I started believing in magic again at the age of twenty one, when my ex-girlfriend, who turned out to be a witch, decided to punish me by transforming me into the most alluring siren you had ever met. She turned me into a teenage boy’s walking wet dream. 
It was supposed to teach me a lesson, to help me understand a relationship from the female’s point of view and to help me see the error of my ways. My ex was fed up with the way I still lusted after other women and was even more repulsed at the fact that I had the gall to suggest a threesome. 
The change was never meant to be permanent, but due to a slight miswording of the spell on her part and due to the fact that I may or may not have slept with a multitude of men during my supposedly temporary tenure as a woman ( and before you say anything, you try being in the body of a voluptuous sex goddess whilst retaining the frenzied sex drive of a man), the magic was sealed within me and I became stuck in the body of a Playboy centerfold forever.  
My ex and I split up shortly after and I went through a string of boy toys before finally meeting my current boyfriend, Jack. In some ways, my ex has succeeded in her attempts to change me. These days, I no longer leave the toilet seat up, pay much attention to sports, or go out with the guys for drinks. Ironically, one of the few things that hasn’t changed is exactly what she set out to correct in the first place. I still find other girls quite attractive and I still can’t seem to keep my eyes, or hands among other things if they’ll let me, off of them. Unlike my ex however, Jack doesn’t seem to mind my passions one bit.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wizard, Beware

"Oh dear. Clearly intoxicated, partial temporary memory loss, and blonde. Not a very good combination. Garry noted that the bottle was already half drained, which explained a lot."

Transcript: “Hey Steve, would you quit causing such a racket? I’m trying to get some work done here!” Garry yelled out in frustration as he tried to drown out the cacophonous clamor coming from the kitchen, but the disturbances continued.
Ugh, it was seven at night on a Wednesday, what in the world was Steve up to? Despite what some of their other friends might’ve argued, seven in the evening on a weekday was far too early to be drinking, yet the clanging of glass bottles could be distinctly heard over the riotous noise. Fed up, Garry decided to finally go find out for himself. He wasn’t going to get much more work done with all that racket anyways.
“Steve, what the hell are you doing—oh shit!” Garry exclaimed as he recognized the bottle in the blonde’s hands immediately and deduced what had happened.
“Oh hey there handsome. The name’s Stephanie, my friends call me Steph, but you can call me whatever you like.”
Oh dear. Clearly intoxicated, partial temporary memory loss, and blonde. Not a very good combination. Garry noted that the bottle was already half drained, which explained a lot. The potion hidden within the bottle had been highly concentrated and Steve had consumed almost nine times the normal dosage. You idiot, you should’ve found someplace other than an empty beer bottle to hide that potion! Such were the perils that faced a modern day wizard, or wizard-in-training to be more accurate. One couldn’t exactly leave potions lying about, but one still had to practice somehow.
Silently, Garry gave thanks that Steve hadn’t found another, potentially worse, potion to consume. While turning Steve into a gorgeous nymphomaniac was already pretty bad, transforming him into a purple elephant that could fart out rainbows and sneeze out Skittles would’ve been undoubtedly much worse. Garry made a mental note to move that particular potion to a more secure location.  
Garry quickly looked Stephanie up and down. Amazingly, aside from the all consuming-lust he knew she must’ve been feeling, along with the aforementioned symptoms, she was doing remarkably well. She had turned out remarkably well as well.
Stephanie giggled wildly as she raised the bottle to her lips once more, causing Garry to lunge forward and remove the bottle from her unyielding fingers, “I think you’ve had enough of this for now, why don’t we find something else for you to do for a little while?”
 “How about I suck your cock?”
It took every last reserve of self control for Garry to decline, “You have no idea how sorry I am, but we can’t have sex. We need to find some other way to pass the time.”
“Okay then, well how about we play a little game then?
A game could be good, it’d certainly help pass the time at least. “Okay, sure. What do you want to play?”
Stephanie flashed him a devious grin, “It’s called fire truck. I’ll be the fire truck. I’ll start by walking towards you, one step at a time. Then, when my body is pressed against yours, I’ll take my hands and slowly run them down your chest and towards my prize. When you want me to stop, I want you to tell me red light, okay?”
Garry struggled for an answer. He knew under normal circumstances what such a game might lead to, but it wasn’t outright sex and he could control himself, couldn’t he? Her hands looked so warm and soft, it couldn’t hurt just to have a little feel could it? “Alright, let’s play.”
Stephanie began just as she described, tantalizingly teasing him with her tender touch, but not just with her hands. Grinding herself into him, she fully exploited the thiness of the cotton barriers that separated them as she rubbed herself over his restrained member, providing him precisely the amount of stimulation she wanted.
As she drew near to her goal however, Garry knew he had to make her stop. But after he uttered out the code word, Stephanie surprised him by suddenly plunging her hands into his pants and wrapping her fingers around his engorged cock, giving it a few good strokes. The unexpected sensation proved to be too much, as her velvet touch caused him to explode within his pants. A million thoughts raced through his head as he glared at Stephanie in disbelief, but words would not form in his mouth. 
Stephanie returned his gaze with an impish grin as she casually licked his cum off her fingers, “Mmm, warm and sticky. Just how I like it.”
“Stephanie! What the hell! I thought we had an agreement! Red light means stop!” Garry yelled back, still not quite believing what had just happened.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Dawn (for Dawn)

Here's a caption that I made for Dawn (aka commentator) over at the Haven. Her preferences consisted mostly of "don'ts" which gave me pretty much free reign over what I wanted to do with this story. This is what I came up with. Personally, I am particularly pleased with the layout, it took me awhile to figure out how to put all the text into a caption, but I'm very much liking the design I selected. I may have to return to this style more often!

Transcript: The sun's warm morning rays shone in brilliantly from the large windows that surrounded the room, but even they could not be compared to the radiant smile upon Darrell's face. Was this really real? It still seemed impossible, yet here he, or she as it was now, stood, living proof of the miraculous occurrence. 
Twelve hours ago, he had gone to bed as Darrell, a nondescript young man in his early twenties with an uninteresting career and an even duller love life. Nothing seemed unusual about him which was exactly how he liked it. He had been careful to conceal the forbidden yearning that the world would not look too kindly upon: he wanted to be a woman. For years he'd secretly stockpiled an array of women's clothing, accessories, and beauty products, along with a few other items that most women didn't need. His feminine alter ego lived in secret and was kept quieter than even the most scandalous politician’s affair. It was his dirty little secret. He wanted to wear glamorous gowns and sultry lingerie, to get all dolled up, and draw the admiring gazes of men and women alike. It wasn't that he abhorred being a man, but why be something mediocre when he could be something extraordinary?
And now, he was—extraordinary that is to say the least. How he had come to awake this morning with the body of a brunette goddess was still unknown, but looking back, there seemed to be only one possible explanation. Absurd as it was, the eccentric old lady he'd helped the week before had promised him that his heart's greatest wish would come true in return for his kindness. He hadn't believed her or given much thought to it then, but he sure couldn't stop wondering about her now. As unscientific as it was, it was the only logical conclusion. But that was of little concern, the how was not nearly as important as the now. All that mattered was he was a woman now, and a stunningly ravishing one at that!
It seemed only fitting then that he also cease referring to himself as a man. From this moment forward, he would be no longer Darrell, but Dawn. Dawn breathed in a sigh of satisfaction. She still couldn't quite get over how well the lingerie she had bought so long ago fit her now. Trying on the various garments from her stockpile had been one of the first things she had done, after exploring the bountiful pleasures of womanhood of course. How different the clothes felt now that she possessed the proper form. It was a foreign, but welcome sensation the way her silky corset cupped her lovely breasts, but even more marvelous was the smooth, flat fit of her tiny lace panties. They looked so sexy on her now!
Dawn could feel it. Today would be the start of something amazing. She didn’t know what other surprises the day might bring her, but she could feel that whatever was in store, it would be spectacular. It would be a time for new beginnings and new adventures—a new dawn.

Twenty Seven Minutes

Twenty seven minutes can seem like an eternity under certain conditions. Pain or pleasure? Sometimes it can be both. 

Transcript: Come on David, is that all you have to say for yourself? Oh I’m sorry, I can’t understand you with that big ol’ gag in your mouth. Did you honestly think that you were the only one with magical powers in this relationship? Poor David, if you could only pronounce the counterspell. If only you could remember the counterspell.
Can you feel it David? Your knowledge of magic leaving you? Frustrating isn’t it? Knowing that you’re forgetting something, but unable to recall what? You ought to know. You’ve used the same spell enough times on me. Oh don’t look at me like that. Making you forget how to use magic is the only way for me to make it safe to remove your gag. I can’t keep you gagged forever. What fun would that be? No, your mouth is much better suited to be occupied with other things.
Squirm all you want to David. You can’t wiggle your way out of this one. Tell me, do you think I’m being a mean bitch? Is your punishment too severe? Oh, don’t cry, David. What’s the matter? I thought you liked blondes with big tits. Would you like me to stop? To untie you? To turn you back into a man? Well that’s too bad, because I don’t think you deserve it. You brought this on yourself. Cheating on me with all those other girls? Tsk tsk. A boy like you needs to be taught a lesson.
27 minutes with the vibrator, one minute for every week of infidelity, set on the fifth level of intensity for the five other girls you’ve shared beds with. Endure the pleasure without having an orgasm and I’ll turn you back. That seems pretty generous don’t you think? But orgasm once and I’ll keep you as my pet for a week. You can try again after seven days, but fail three times in a row and I’ll arrange for a real man to show you the depths of womanly bliss. You better hope that none of his cum gets inside of your tight little pussy then. You remember what happens if it does don’t you? That’s right, it means you better get used to leaving the toilet seat down for good. Not to worry though. I’ll make him wear a condom if you’ve behaved. The chances of it breaking are small if put on correctly, though that might be a challenge being that you won’t be allowed to use your hands. But at least all that foreplay will give you a chance to get wet. I’ve only got oil based lube otherwise and you know what they say about oil and latex.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Forever Devious

Ryan's sister returns to something very unexpected...
Transcript: “Hey Ryan, are you home? What are you up to? It sounds like—HOLY SHIT! What the fuck is going on in here!?” Natalie shrieked at the naked couple getting it on in her living room.
The raven-haired brunette did her best to answer the onslaught of inquiries between her moans. “Relax Natalie, it’s me, Ryan, your step-brother. I believe you also know Mr. Brown, the biology teacher,” Ryan gestured to the man beneath her, “and as for what we’re doing…think of it as extra credit.”
Natalie could only continue to gape in shock at the spectacle unfolding before her. “Okay, that may be Mr. Brown, but you cannot possibly be my step-brother! He’s called my step-brother for a reason. He doesn’t have boobs or a vagina, and although I’ve never seen it, I’m quite certain that he’s got a penis!”
“It’s the truth Nat! I found your spell book a few weeks ago and I started using it to turn myself into a hot girl when you weren’t around. It was fun just to look at myself at first, but then I began to try new things and one thing lead to another and well…” Ryan trailed off.
Natalie continued to stare skeptically at the girl who claimed to be her step-brother. It was possible. Ryan had never received any formal instruction in magical matters, but magic was technically still in his blood, half of it anyway.
“Look, I can prove it. Do you remember that one time that I walked in on you and Greg—”
“Okay, okay, you can stop. I believe you,” Natalie turned a deep shade of red as she recounted the event, “but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to let you use magic to turn yourself into a girl just for pleasure and especially not so that you can fuck your teacher for a better grade! I’m turning you back into a boy and putting an end to this this instant!”
Mr. Brown suddenly grunted, causing an unapologetic smile to spread across Ryan’s face. “Oops, too late. I can feel his warm sticky cum dripping out of my pussy. You know what that means don’t you sis? The transformation’s been made permanent. Guess there’s no going back for me now!”

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Liberating Truth

"She thought it would be a punishment, to transform me into a woman, but little did she know that she had singlehandedly granted me my deepest fantasy."

Transcript: I never knew my girlfriend was a witch, until she cast the spell on me. Then again, she never knew that I had secret fantasies about being a woman either. I suppose we were just both real good at hiding our true selves. 
Our relationship had fallen into a rut and I had told her that I thought we should both begin seeing other people. Understandably, she was quite upset, though to what extent I failed to notice. She thought it would be a punishment, to transform me into a woman, but little did she know that she had singlehandedly granted me my deepest fantasy. I was bewildered at first, wondering if I was dreaming or if what I had just really experienced what I thought had happened. Eventually, I settled upon the only logical conclusion towards which all the evidence pointed, it was real.
On the inside, I was leaping for joy. I could hardly wait to have a moment to myself, so that I could explore my wondrous new body, but I knew I had to pretend to be horrified. With my lips, I begged her to reverse my fate, but with my mind I prayed that she wouldn’t. To my relief, she refused, but instead proposed that I stay with her for the remainder of the month, after which she would reconsider my consequence. I immediately agreed. I couldn’t have asked for any better. Living with her would give me access to both her stylish wardrobe and collection of beauty products, and I couldn’t wait to try them all out!
The rest of the month passed without incident and though we lived in the same house, my girlfriend and I hardly spoke to each other. It was in the quiet moments however that I began to notice the change in her demeanor towards the new me and the wistful look in her eyes. I knew what that look meant and in my mind, I began to understand why our relationship had fizzled.
At the end of the month, I confronted her with my suspicions, to which she admitted that yes, she was a lesbian. She had tried to deny her identity for the safety of normalcy, but she couldn’t, and our breakup had made her understand that. It was then my turn to confess my secret to her. I explained to her my desire to be a woman, how I had hid that from her too, and that how I wanted to stay as I was…and if she would have me, with her too. What followed was the strongest, most passionate, and most satisfying day of my life…eventually only surpassed by our wedding night!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Say the Word

Magical or not, a safeword only works if you're able to say it...
Transcript: When Bill had begun dating Natasha, he hadn’t noticed anything except for her stunning good looks. Looking back though, the signs had all been there: Natasha’s commanding presence, her wicked charm, and her thigh-high lace-up leather boots. To say that Natasha was unique would’ve  been an understatement. How many other women out there did he know that happened to be witches or had all the kinky fetishes that Natasha did? Certainly none that Bill had ever met.
Admittedly, Bill had found it pretty thrilling at first. The sex was great and Natasha was always up for anything. Threesomes, roleplay, bondage, she loved it all and with her use of magic, she really could become the neighbor’s teenage daughter!
Recently though, Natasha’s tastes had become much more devious. More and more in the bedroom, Bill found himself at Natasha’s feet as her slave. Natasha had even started to dress him up in her clothes and make him refer to himself as her sissy! And now, she had magically transformed him into a voluptuous blonde—tits, pussy, and all! The only comfort Bill had was that he had made Natasha agree upon a magical safeword that would force her to stop instantly. Unfortunately, being the naughty girl that Natasha was, she had even found a way to circumvent him from ruining her fun. With the gag in his mouth, Bill would be unable to pronounce even the simplest word much less the safeword; he’d already tried. He could only glare at her whilst she fastened the last of his restraints.  
Natasha looked rather pleased with herself. “There there my little pet. Don’t you worry, Mistress has got a nice big surprise for you.”

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sissy in Progress

"Just a short twelve months ago, the paltry form at her feet had been her once proud boyfriend, Cameron. His pride however, was shattered when she announced her intentions to break up with him. Devastated, he had begged her to take him back, promising to do anything and everything she wanted if she would."

Transcript: Devon cast an approving glance back at her sissy from atop her perch upon her lover’s big hard rod. She felt a swell of satisfaction rise up within her as she watched her little sissy lick away fervently. She had come so far in such little time.
Just a short twelve months ago, the paltry form at her feet had been her once proud boyfriend, Cameron. His pride however, was shattered when she announced her intentions to break up with him. Devastated, he had begged her to take him back, promising to do anything and everything she wanted if she would. She’d accepted his proposal, only intending to toy and humiliate him for a little while longer, but the zealousness with which he performed even the most degrading commands fascinated her. He’d shaved his entire body without question, worn only the most feminine of clothes without comment, and barely even protested when she had his little sissy clit confined with to a cage. The power was intoxicating. How far could she make him go? Devon decided to find out.
Devon soon placed Cameron on a strict dietary regimen and program of calisthenics to encourage weight loss, whilst an aggressive double dosage of feminizing hormones helped to redistribute the fat that he had to more appropriate places. The development of his new figure was augmented by several surgical procedures and it wasn’t long before most people would mistake Cameron for a girl, even without any makeup on.
Of course, it didn’t hurt that Cameron acted and sounded like a girl as well, giving no one any reason to suspect otherwise. Along with the numerous physical alterations, Devon had also included rigorous behavioral modification training. The last few weeks had been spent on oral techniques, cock-sucking, deepthroating, and throat-fucking, all of which Cameron had learned quickly. This afternoon’s affair however was not for her practice.
It had been far too long since Devon had felt the powerful thrusts of a stallion in heat and this lustful encounter was for her pleasure and her pleasure only. “See Cameron dear, this is why you could never make me cum with that pathetic little thing of yours. Do you see how magnificent he is? Of course you do, you’ve been staring at it ever since he entered the room—” Devon felt him slip out of her, but was puzzled as to why he hadn’t seemed to notice a thing. Turning around, Devon saw why.
Cameron had enveloped the man’s cock in one hand and was gazing at it longingly with open mouth. No doubt she pined to put her hard learned skills into practice. “Please Mistress, may I play with his cock for just a little while? I only want a taste.”
Devon shot her an authoritarian glare. Cameron got the message and sank back to her knees with a whimper. Devon sighed. There was still much that she needed to be taught. Her next lesson would most certainly be on the topic of discipline. Devon made a mental note to purchase some good rope, a feather, and plenty ice the next time she went shopping. As derelict as Cameron’s little sissy clit might be, even a sissy could still get blue balls.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Made for Pleasure

"She had been Burke then, but no longer. Her name was only one of many things that her greedy backstabbing associate had stripped her of."
Transcript: Fucking and sucking, sucking and fucking, there never seemed to be an end to it.
Bambi had been brought here five months ago. Where “here” was, she didn’t particularly know, but it wasn’t unpleasant. What she did know however was that the lavish estate, of which she was a current resident, belonged to Dietrich Siegler, a man with powerful criminal connections who had once been her partner, but that had been a long time ago. She had been Burke then, but no longer. Her name was only one of many things that her greedy backstabbing associate had stripped her of.
She had been kidnapped and brought to a secretive medical facility where over the course of many months, a team of highly paid doctors and surgeons had erased all traces of her former identity. The facial reconstruction surgery she had expected, but the feminization and breast augmentation she had not. Even her manhood had not been spared and a glistening moist slit now beckoned between her creamy thighs. Then came the training, as they had called it.
Her training had been harsh, but thorough. Mistress Jenna had seen to it that she had learned to behave like an obedient little girl, albeit one who had mastered the fine arts of sexual pleasure, but a young girl nonetheless. Mistress Jenna had trained her extensively. No fetish had been too kinky to overlook or specialty too deviant to omit.
It was only after then that her captors had brought her to her present location. The ambiance had surprised her at first. Far from the cold sterile walls of the facility, her new home was open and grand, and they had given her the freedom to roam the grounds as she wished. A vast collection of luxurious clothes as well as a variety of other feminine essentials had also been provided to her, all of which Mistress Jenna had familiarized her with. Bambi quickly learned however that her life of luxury served only as a fa├žade to hide the truth: that she was nothing more than a living sex doll. Impaling herself morning, noon, and night on what seemed to be an endless succession of cocks, she discovered that the palatial retreat served as a reward for Dietrich’s favorites, but boy were there a lot of them! Bambi probably could have subsisted only on the cum served to her had she swallowed it all, but both her ass and pussy were both popular sites for deposit as well.
A palatial retreat indeed. Here, Bambi had access to all the fine indulgences a girl could want: clothes, men, and mind-blowing, non-stop sex to keep her horny little body satisfied. But the best part? No one could call her a slut for doing it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High Stakes Pranksters

Gregory and I met in the second grade when he tied my shoelaces together. I got back at him by tying his shoelaces to his desk. We’ve been friends ever since, but we still love to pull pranks on each other. Of course, the stakes are a bit higher than normal as magic runs in both of our families: we’re both wizards.
This one time for instance, we’d both decided to go try out this new massage and spa place (to be honest, we only went because we’d heard the girls that worked there were super cute) and we’d just put our stuff away in the locker room when Gregory turned me into a girl right on the massage table! Before I could say or do anything though, Gregory had fled the scene. I considered giving chase, but running and screaming down the hallway naked hardly seemed like conduct becoming of a lady and I eventually thought better of it.
With little choice, I decided to stay put and see what else Gregory had in store for me. I soon discovered that Gregory had ordered the ‘intimate care treatment package’ for me. I’m not ashamed to admit, I enjoyed that ‘massage’ very, very much. Retrieving my things from the men’s locker room afterwards on the other hand was a whole other crisis.
I decided to just go for it. I walked in, completely exposed, got my things and left. Never had I ever received that many stares before in my life! Their eyes would’ve undressed me in an instant had I not already been wearing nothing at all. But as frightening as it was, it was also kind of thrilling. The forest of erections that surrounded me felt unexpectedly satisfying. Still, it was not something I intended on experiencing again, if only because I doubted I would be able to control myself a second time.  
When I got home, Gregory’s expression was one of bewildered amusement. I suppose he hadn’t expected me to let the prank go as far as it did. I merely gave him an annoyed glance before heading to my room. I found out later that he had used a scrying spell to watch the whole ordeal so he had seen the whole show. Bastard probably got a hard on watching it too.
But don’t think I let him off that easy! When we went to a bachelor party a couple of weeks later, I turned him into one of the entertainers: a sexy blonde sub. And just for added kink, I became the other half of the duo, her mean sultry dom. Boy was that a fun night! 


Transcript: The brothers of Pi Delta Theta paid no heed to the girls’ unwilling screams as they prepared to ravish them. Bound, gagged, and naked, the girls had been delivered to the Pi Delta Theta house by a senior member of the Gamma Delta Nu’s, who had asked for their assistance in ‘initiating’ some of their new pledges. The Pi Delta Theta’s had only been too happy to help.

Had anyone bothered to remove the girls’ gags however, they would’ve been shocked to learn that the two ‘pledges’ were in fact their very own Vice President and Secretary who had gone missing the night before. The Gamma’s had magically transformed them as punishment for trying to take advantage of one of their drunk  sisters. Unfortunately, by the time the truth would be revealed, it would’ve already been too late—the copious amounts of cum received from their ‘brothers’ would‘ve already sealed the spell and the two’s fates as girls forever.

Picture Perfect

If only we could all look this good in our pictures...
I decided I'd try a new style with this one. The idea was short enough and I wanted to try making a "real caption". I think as a whole, it worked well, particularly since everything is quite short. I think this may be one of the shortest caps I've written in awhile. Let me know what you guys think!
And on a side note, I'm back!
Transcript: “Oh you look so adorable! Hold that pose, James. Yes, just like that: leave one hand over your ‘breasts’ while using the other to hide your cock. Marvelous. With these pictures in hand, no one will ever suspect you are anything other than a young pretty girl!”
PHOTO—July 25, 2013: James Davis poses for the camera as his step-sister Lisa (not pictured) directs him. Although a boy, James achieves his stunningly feminine look through the use of a variety of beauty products and incredibly life-like prosthetics. Astonishingly, James’ flattering shape has been attained without the use of feminizing hormones or surgery. Instead, James employs daily calisthenics and a healthy diet to maintain his slender form. James has also recently begun a corset training program under Lisa’s direction to further enhance his figure. Photographs from this shoot are to be included in James’ portfolio, which will be sent to a select number of publications, under the pseudonym Jamie Davis.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Different Sort of Roommate

So I was searching for a different type of picture for another caption when I came across this one...the idea just immediately jumped into my head and I had to write it. Keeping it short was the hardest part! I was only able to find this one picture unfortunately so I couldn't make it into multiple panels, so I had to make it all fit on one!

“Whoa!” Tom was startled to awaken to the sight of a lithe brunette, naked in his bed, with a velvet hand wrapped around his engorged member. “I…uh…who—” Tom suddenly gasped as her deft darting tongue expertly traced the underside of the head, nearly causing him to release his load right then and there.  
She stopped and shot him a naughty look. “Not yet you don’t. I haven’t finished my fun yet,” giving him a playful pout.
Tom was bewildered, “I’m sorry, but who are you and how did you get in here?”
The girl seemed unperturbed, releasing his cock momentarily to answer, “Does it really matter?” then quickly resumed her previous activities.
“Well uh…I guess…I mean…” Tom was beginning to question his own sanity: a gorgeous girl in his bed giving him the blowjob of his life and he was wondering who she was? The girl did have a point.
“You really don’t recognize me do you?”
Now Tom was really puzzled. Should he? “Uh…no, I don’t, sorry.”
She giggled, surprising Tom. “Well, if you must know, it’s me, Dan, your roommate, but I go by Jill when I get all dressed up like this.”
Tom was stunned. The facial resemblance was there…and that would explain the makeup he’d found in the bathroom…and the clothes that Dan claimed belonged to his girlfriend. Tom could only look on in total shock as the pieces began to fit together, “Dan!?”
“Please, it’s Jill.”
“Right, Jill, but I, I don’t understand! How is this possible? I mean you’ve got…well you know and you don’t seem to have a…a…anymore!”
“Penis, Tom? It’s shocking, I know, but I have a special vaginal panty that makes me look like a girl down there. It’s fully functional too, an extremely realistic feel, so I’ve heard, as are these breast forms. I’ve never actually had the opportunity to test them out per say though. I’m sorry for deceiving you Tom. I hope you’re not mad.”
Tom sighed, “That’s alright. I’m just not…not quite sure what to think right now.”
“Then don’t think, or just think of me as a girl, who happens to be a little…different.”
Tom remained quiet for a moment, then spoke, “So, you said you’d never tested out your ‘equipment’ before…how’d you like for me to help?”

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Love Reciprocated


Angelica moaned with ardor as Tommy continued to pleasure her, orally stimulating her blood-engorged member without reservation. Her tensed thighs rested on his broad chiseled shoulders; they felt strong and secure. In the air, their blossoming love conjoined with the fragrance of the rose petals that lay scattered around the room. Her soft moans soon turned into feverish screams as Tommy’s gentle passion aroused a deep well within her. She felt a safe familiarity within his touch, but also an exciting sense of things to come. She had bared her all with him and he had responded in kind. 
It was a new, but welcome experience for Angelica. Never before had she felt more accepted for who she was. It didn’t matter to Tommy that she was a little different from most other girls, that her past was unlike others, or that her birth certificate stated XY. He still treated her as a woman, a beautiful woman. How she had ever been so lucky to meet someone like Tommy she didn’t know, but she gave thanks every day that she had. 
Her body suddenly tensed as the familiar euphoric sensations overwhelmed her. When the pleasure finally subsided, she sat up and quietly turned around as she prepared to take the matters of his pleasure into her own hands. She might not have been a genetic girl, but that wouldn’t stop her from pleasing him as one. She just hoped that he was ready for her, because he was about to get the time of his life, and it would all begin with a light flick of the tongue…

Friday, September 13, 2013

Backyard Seductress


The bodysuit was perfect: long silky locks, smooth luxurious curves, and an expression that simply oozed with sex appeal. Jeff spent every available moment in it, willingly shedding his mundane life for that of a voluptuous brunette goddess whom he termed Jessica. Regretfully, it was a guilty pleasure that had to be confined to within the safety of his home. He didn’t dare venture out, lest someone uncover his dirty secret.
Lately however, he had taken to lounging around in the expansive back yard of his home. Sometimes he would do yoga or pretend to read while he suntanned, but more often than not, Jessica would end up completely naked and exposed in the bright sunlight. Her slow, erotic striptease and subsequent seemingly innocent display were all played off as being unintentional of course, but Jessica knew that the men in the neighborhood would be watching. It gave her secret pleasure to know that at any given moment, a man might be watching her and tugging away at his cock with reckless abandon, fervent with desire as he fantasized about her. She just hoped that it wouldn’t be much longer before one of them finally decided joined her in the backyard…

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Take the Bait

Sometimes, inspiration just strikes it seems to have been doing to me a lot lately. Anyways, I came across a picture that immediately threw my mind into a story frenzy, but after finishing the story, I decided that I no longer liked that particular picture (while the expression of the model's face was perfect, I didn't deem her to be overall attractive enough). Thus, I had to search for a different image. While the image I finally settled on doesn't totally convey the same feeling, I decided that it was the one that I liked best, so I'm going with it. Hope ya'll like it!

Dude, what the heck! I thought you said you’d pull out! Don’t you remember the warning label on the bodysuit?! If the insides of the suit come into contact with cum, it could cause permanent and irreversible binding!
Yeah, of course I remember. Unfortunately for you though, I couldn’t help but start thinking while you were on top screaming for me to fuck you harder that what a shame it was that ‘Jill’ wasn’t around more, so I decided to change that. From now on, your only identity will be Jill, an insatiable sex goddess whose sole purpose is to please her man, me. I’ll fuck you hard, show you unrestrained passion, and take you any which way I like wherever we are, morning, noon, or night. You’ll be my pretty little fucktoy, but if you’re good, I’ll fill your closets with dresses, heels, and sexy lingerie and whatever else you desire shall be yours, but only if you’re good.
Well it’s about time! I was beginning to think that you’d never take the bait! Why else do you I’d be letting you fuck me without a condom? Now that cock of yours better not be going limp! You’re fucking me again right now, just to make sure that the cum has taken its effect. I wanna feel your crazy hard cock painting the insides of my tight little pussy with your warm sticky cum! Ooh, that’s right, slide that big ‘ol cock inside of me, make me your dirty little slut! I fucking love being fucked and I fucking love it!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beauty and Brains

For the eagle eyed observers, you may find that the two models in the caption below are also the same very two featured in "Scandalous Studies". This is because when I was going through my folder of saved images and I saw them, I saw two very distinctly different stories in the images. Usually when something like that happens, I try to combine the stories into one, but these were so distinctly different that I knew I had to do two different caps for them, so here's this one! Leave me some comments!


Come on Dan! Give me those!
No way, Pat! There’s no way I’m letting you take these lab sheets as proof!
Why the hell not? If we can’t prove that we accidentally transformed ourselves into voluptuous young women, no one is ever going to believe us! We’d never be able to go back to our old lives!
Pfft, I can’t believe you! We get turned into total babes with a chance to relive what could be the best parts of our lives and you want to throw it all away?
You’re kidding me, you mean you actually want to stay as a girl?
Sure, why not? I mean, it sure beats the alternative. Just think for a minute, Pat. If the world ever found out about what happened here today, do you really think they’d just let us walk away from it? No, we’d get poked and prodded until they were satisfied, all in the name of science. Besides, haven’t you ever wondered how the other half lives? Or what it’d be like to be popular or well liked? We could go back through school as the girls we used to dream about, live the life of a drop dead gorgeous teen, but with the mind of a Ph.D.! Brains and beauty! Can you imagine just how deadly a combination that would be? We could do anything, go anywhere, and be anyone we wanted to be!
Well I suppose we could give it a try…just for a few days first though. I can’t deny that the possibilities seem enticing, but I’m still not too sure…
Great! It’s settled then!
For now, yes. Now would you please let me have some clothes? I haven’t quite gotten accustomed to seeing my new self naked yet…
No way! Are you kidding me? There’s only one way to get accustomed to our new bodies and we won’t be needing any clothes for that! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebrating Some Milestones! (A Message From Kendall)

Celebrate some achievements with me as I take a look back at what has come to pass since I've started my blog! Also included, a list of what my Top 10 favorite captions that I've written are!

First off, to those who are reading this, a big thank you from me to you!

As of today, I am now celebrating one year and two-ish months of being active on this blog! In addition, just today, I have hit over 200,000 overall views, and my most popular caption has also reached a milestone 2,000 views! Something sure is popular about the number two!
In all seriousness, I couldn't have imagined getting such attention when I first started this blog. Mostly I did it because a lot of people had one and I wanted to be cool too. I believe I celebrated some eight page views that first month. I was pretty darn ecstatic. Then I broke 100, then 200, 500, 1,000, and now I'm averaging some 2,000 per day! Much thanks by the way to Courtney's Clean Caps who gave me a shout out on her site in November (you can see the post here), that literally shot up the number of page views to into the tens of thousands! 
And speaking of recognition, I am downright flattered at all the attention that my blog has received from some amazing captioners whose  blogs I read on a pretty consistent basis before starting my own! Although I love you all, I have to say that having Evie and Caitlyn recognize my work had to be one of the most thrilling events since I started this blog (if you haven't checked out their blogs already, yet somehow stumbled onto mine, I highly encourage that you do so!). They both produce amazing captions and I always look forward to seeing what they come up with, so getting a complement from them in the form of a comment was like a swimmer getting a pat on the back from Michael Phelps! I felt totally honored, so thank you girls very much! 
And since I'm on a roll here at thanking people, I would also like to recognize Elise and Sammie (starhawk) over at Rachel's Haven. I really wish they had caption blogs as well, because each of their caps are so scrumptious! They are both definitely two other captioners that I highly respect. I would also like to thank all the girls at Rachel's Haven for their support and help in captioning (and to those of you whom I still owe caps...I will get you back, eventually...eventually being the key word, its difficult for me to force a cap at the moment, I just sort of go wherever inspiration takes me, but I haven't forgotten about you guys)!
In addition, to all that have commented on my blog, Elle-Jae, Dee, Mistress Simone, Realfield, Jenny, Kisara, Elena Starz, Annabelle Raven-Hyde, Jodie Hyde, EvaGrubbFan, Lizzie LaRue, Abdul, Jenny, Katie Mills, and all my anonymous commenters, thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback and let me know what you appreciate! I look forward to every comment that I receive, so keep 'em coming!
And now, without further ado (I know that was a long rant, so thanks for bearing with me), my personal Top 10 favorites! Click the titles to be taken to the cap!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Wild 48

Well first, how about it! I finally got around to doing a possession style cap! Inspiration rarely strikes me in that department and I don't get much practice writing them, so we'll have to see how this one turns out.
Some you who are keener might be a bit confounded by the name of this caption because the number preceding it is "31", which doesn't match the current trend (I'm currently on "150"). If you notice however, there is no "31" on this site (a few other numbers are missing as well). This is because I actually started this caption a long, long time ago, but I never finished it and therefore also never published it. The unfinished caption however, kept bugging me, so I finally got around to doing just that. So here it is! The #31 that almost never was!


Transcript: The spell had worked! He now had a full forty eight hours in the body of Maria Rivera, the hottest girl in the entire school! He was still trying to soak it all in. So this was what it was like to be her. It still seemed strange to watch as the luscious brunette continued to follow his every move in the mirror. Despite the awkwardness he felt, her fine lithe limbs continued to carry themselves gracefully, always settling in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. It was almost as if she couldn’t be anything but beautiful.
He still couldn’t quite believe that he was now inside Maria’s body, literally. ‘Maria’s’ hands wandered towards her burgeoning breasts, caressing them gently as her gaze drifted elsewhere. She had a cute butt. It was certainly no wonder why every boy in the school was just dying to try and get her attention and here he was getting to be her! The thought sent an electrifying chill resonating throughout her entire body. She giggled, and then abruptly stopped as she paused to admire the sultry sounds of her own voice before breaking out into laughter once more.
She couldn’t decide what to do next. There were so many things she wanted to try, but so little time! Perusing through ‘her’ closet, she was quite satisfied to find that there appeared to be apparel for every occasion, including some for when none were required. Only one thing was certain, this weekend was sure to the wildest forty eight hours of both his and her lives! At least…until next weekend!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dare to Hope

A slightly more uncharacteristic cap for me, I usually end these caps on a happy note but for some reason, ending this on her pensive mood just seemed right to me. I suppose I'll let you imagine what happens next. The name of the character was actually inspired by Jane Eyre (a novel I'm reading for a class at the moment) and her pensive mood seems to fit just perfectly.

Transcript: It’d worked! Tom looked out the window anxiously as he awaited the familiar sight of Greg’s dark blue SUV to roll up the driveway. The two them had been good friends ever since grade school and had shared in many of life’s surprises together, but tonight, Tom had a new one for Greg.

Greg was one of the few people in the world that knew about Tom’s gender identity struggle and one of the even fewer that had still accepted him in spite of it. In fact, ever since Tom had told him about his femme side, Jane, Greg offered only support and friendship, but Tom longed for more. Greg was tall, strong, loving, and handsome, so incredibly handsome, but always attracted to the wrong type of girl. Tom didn’t want to be just any girl, Tom wanted Jane to be Greg’s girl, and Jane knew that she could make him happy, but Greg had said that he couldn’t see a future for them together.
A silky cascade of marvelous chestnut hair flowed across her back as she glanced out the window once more. The purple elixir had worked marvelously, peeling back the layers by fully and permanently transforming her into the girl that she had always known was on the inside. She was, by all respects now, a genetic girl, completely natural, no more silicone or latex, one hundred percent female, but she was only still a girl. She hoped that tonight would be the night that she would be made a woman. 
She wondered if her new condition might change things between her and Greg. She hoped it would. Maybe he would be able to see her now for who she really was. Perhaps this could be the start of a wonderful life. Maybe this would be her happily ever after. Maybe, maybe not. Nothing was certain, but she could dare to continue to hope.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pool Shark Tease

Be careful who you play with. She wants to play, but beware, she's a mean tease! Buy her a drink and let her tell you the whole story...

The inspiration for this cap actually came from another photoset, but by the time I was done writing the story, I realized that I needed something different and I eventually settled on this. I had a hard time choosing between this one and another though! I'm not a big fan of the orange background in these pictures as I feel it's rather strong, but I felt that the model in this set was more attractive (at least to me), so this was what I ended up going with. I'm also still not too sure about the placement of the title, but after messing around with it for awhile, I couldn't figure out anything else, so that's what I'm going with. Let me know what you guys think!

Transcript: Hey there stranger, how would you like to bet your pleasure on a game of pool? What’s with the dress? Ah, well, that’s a long story, which I’d be happy to tell you, you look like a fine young gentleman, if only my throat weren’t uh, so dry. You’d like to buy me a drink? How thoughtful of you, why yes, my throat is miraculously starting to feel better already. Let’s see, where shall I begin?
My name used to be Paul Veretti, I say used to because I go by Natasha now, shocked already huh? But I see you haven’t fled in terror yet, I’m starting to like you already. You see, I used to be quite the pool shark. I could rake in hundreds on a good night, but I didn’t do it for the money, I did it for the thrill. Some of my opponents however, didn’t take too kindly to losing. I later found out that some of them had decided to hire a witch of sorts to put a curse on me and bring about a reversal of fortune. Crazy enough, the curse worked…to a certain extent. The witch wasn’t very well practiced you see and didn’t have very good control over her magic, so the spell she cast on me produced some rather…unexpected results, namely, the body of an attractive young woman.
Adjusting to my new form proved to be quite difficult at first. There was a lot I had to learn and I hated the way people looked at me, especially the men. For week or two, I cowered in the safety of my own home, not wanting to be seen by anyone, until one day, I’d decided that I’d had enough. I wasn’t going to live my life in fear or shame any longer. I poured hours of effort into learning how to do my hair and makeup, as well as getting comfortable in distinctly feminine articles of clothing, such as dresses and heels. I also made some new friends and began to study and then imitate the behaviors of women around me, learning to sit like a lady by crossing my legs, but also how to be a flirt with the cast of a captivating glance. It seemed strange to me then that the looks of men no longer bothered me; in fact, I actually noticed that I was quite enjoying them.
By this point, I’d already made my return to the billiard room. Wearing only the most revealing of dresses and the highest of heels, I certainly turned a lot of heads. It wasn’t long before I was back to playing my usual game, where I used my new assets unrelentingly to my advantage. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was for my opponents to concentrate when my breasts were spilling out over the top of my dress or after having ‘accidentally’ brushed up against them. My lavish curves and demure smile could drive them insane with fervor and I offered them no retreat.
I was also a merciless tease. Something about the way they struggled against my charms, but still ultimately succumbed to me turned me on something awful. I loved seeing the painfully restrained bulge in their pants or feeling their hardness pressed up against my body and knowing that I was the cause. I took hold of every opportunity to give them ‘accidental’ looks up my skirt or down my chest, striking the most provocative poses while feigning innocence. The especially cute ones I would give every excuse to touch their body against mine, my favorite being asking them how to line up a certain shot, then requesting that they instruct me in a very ‘hands-on’ approach. This would require them to press up against me from behind, at which point I could begin to subtly grind my hips into them. If they weren’t hard before, they certainly were after, and their embarrassment at my knowledge of their arousal was visibly evident on their red faces. I would assure them with a coy smile however, that I appreciated their adoration and that I wished to thank them for the lesson, privately.
Once we’d reached the backroom, I’d tie the lucky, or unlucky, man’s limbs down to a chair first before beginning to slip out of my clothes with sensuous grace. I would take my time, casually letting the straps of my dress slide off my shoulders, and then slowly peel the skin tight fabric down until only my naughty sheer panties remained. In the same leisurely manner, I’d strip him down as well, until he was completely exposed. By this time, he would usually be desperate for any sort of physical stimulation on his engorged member, but I would ignore it, choosing instead to tickle and lick its surroundings first, smiling as I watched the pre-cum stream down his shaft. It’d only be after he’d begged me multiple times, that I’d squirt some lubricant into my hand and finally begin to stroke his rock hard cock. I’d alternate between fast and slow, short and long, and sometimes I would stop altogether, causing him to cry out in frustration. I’d bring him to the brink of orgasm over and over again, but always stopping before he could climax. Oh how badly his balls must’ve ached, but I was a mean mistress. I would ask him how badly he wanted me, how much he wanted to fuck me, how much he needed to cum, and I’d make him beg me to let him. If he did a good job, I’d reward him by letting him feel the warmth of my wet pussy as I rubbed and grinded it against him, eventually teasing it against his cock, but never letting him in. He would thrash and try futilely to thrust into me, but his restraints prevented him.
I can only imagine the amount of explosive desire that must’ve been built up within him by this point, but I wasn’t done with him yet. For the grand finale, I would unhurriedly open several condoms, laying them in a neat row on his lap. Into the first condom, I’d squirt a copious amount of a clear gel before rolling it over his cock. Then, after rolling several more on, I’d gently massage his tightly wrapped member for awhile to ensure that the gel had taken its effect. Once satisfied, I would dramatically straddle him, look him in the eye and ask him if he was ready, and then gently take him in, savoring the sensation. At this point, he would begin to panic, realizing that he was unable to feel my wet delicious pussy wrapped tight around his cock. With a smile, I’d calmly explain that the gel I’d put into the first condom was a localized numbing agent and that that, combined with the several layers of latex around his cock, would effectively prevent him from feeling anything at all. It was the ultimate denial. Then, using him as a life size sex toy, I would pleasure myself, telling him all the while how good it felt and what a pity it was that he couldn’t feel me squirming on top of him. When I’d finally finish with him several orgasms later, I would slowly get dressed, letting the realization that he would never garner any satisfaction from me sink in, before bidding him farewell, leaving his blue balls painfully tormented and him utterly frustrated.
So does that answer your question? Oh, don’t be so embarrassed about the bulge in your pants, that is certainly nothing to be ashamed of! You’d like to know what? If my earlier offer to play a game of pool with you was still open? Of course I’ll play, I can play for hours you know, plus, I quite like you, you’re rather cute!

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Accidental and the not so Unintentional (For Claudia)

So I've got this long list of capbacks that I owe to some very lovely girls over at Rachel's Haven and I've finally started to get back around to doing them again. This one's for Claudia, I hope she likes it!

Transcript: So much for a relaxing and uneventful few weeks house-sitting a lavish mansion in a beautiful tropical location. Kris was going to have a hard time working his way out of this one. The last thing the business executive had said to him before walking out the door with his young wife was to be careful not to touch anything.
Kris hadn’t meant to touch the peculiar sculpture that had caused the dramatic transformation, but that seemed like an irrelevant detail considering his present situation. The flash of light that had enveloped him following the accidental contact had temporarily blinded him, but he’d known something was very, very wrong when the grumbling voice he’d heard coming out of his mouth was not his own. In fact, it hadn’t even sounded male. More than anything, it sounded like belonging to a vivacious little sex kitten! He discovered shortly after, much to his horror, that he now also had the voluptuous body to match.
Ending up in the executive’s wife’s bedroom and dressed in her sexy lingerie and heels, while also inadvertent, had admittedly been less unintentional. As the transformation had left him without clothes, he’d originally intended on entering her room to find something suitable with which to cover his new body up. Once he’d opened her closet however, he’d become immediately enthralled by the rich world of splendid silk, sensuous satin, and luxurious lace that had lay before him. He knew he shouldn’t, but the seductive allure of her wardrobe had proved too great and he’d eventually given into their calls of luscious indulgence. He was slowly being corrupted by feminine pleasures and enjoying every minute of it. It gave him the chills to think that he’d only but scratched the surface and that he’d have at the very least, few more uninterrupted weeks worth of time to properly savor all of them, beginning with the rather large toy he’d found on her nightstand. Perhaps the executive and his wife could even be persuaded into having a spicier love life once they’d returned…

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jeannie's Tabula Rasa (For Jeannie)

Another capback that I've owed for awhile!

I really struggled with the layout of this one for awhile. I really wanted to use the three pictures in the cap below, but I couldn't figure out a good way to integrate them all. Separating it into three panels was an option I'd considered, but the way the pics were, it just didn't work out when I tried it. I'm still undecided as to whether or not I like the way this one came out, but I gave it my best go. I hope Jeannie likes it!

Transcript: This was the start of a new beginning. The freshly minted driver’s license in her purse read Jeannie Summers, 5’10”, 120 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, and a capital “F” for female. The contents of her luggage, did not suggest otherwise, containing elegant dresses, flirty skirts, and sexy lingerie. Just several months earlier however, Jeannie had been John, an individual privy to the shrouded secrets of the New York Families. Needless to say, none of the Families had responded quite kindly to his court room testimonies and had taken it rather personally, compelling him to enter into the most advanced Witness Protection Program the government had to offer.
Every vestige of his former life had been wiped from him completely, including his sex, a choice that had been agonizing for him to make. Several months later, Jeannie was complete. Seeing herself fully naked for the first time, all the doubts and fears she’d had had evaporated instantly. She snapped away eagerly with her camera phone to commemorate the occasion. Her new body was absolutely breathtaking and there was not a clue left that could betray her true nature. The advanced techniques had done a marvelous job at reconstructing her face and figure into an ultra feminine shape and appearance, which had been further aided by the aggressive double doses of female hormones. It was impossible to tell that she hadn’t been born with the ample breasts on her bosom or the sweet slit between her legs, a secret she intended to keep.
She finished her impromptu photo shoot with a befitting pose, facing directly into the camera with an outstretched finger placed delicately over her lips in an expression of silence. This was her tabula rasa and she smiled as she envisioned the life that lay before her. The world of womanhood seemed both daunting and thrilling at the same time, but more thrilling than daunting. She was sure that scintillating and steamy adventures involving crazy girlfriends, wild parties, and charming boys lay in her future. She just couldn’t wait to get started.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Short for Veronica (For RMP42661)

Another capback that I owed at the Haven. This was surprisingly quick and easy to write. She mentioned that she particularly liked it when the victim of the transformation was still dressed in their male clothes, so this is what I came up with! It's somewhat ironic, but this is probably one of my shorter caps (of this recent string). Hope ya'll like it!

Transcript: Great, how was Ron ever going to explain how he’d gotten into this mess? His big presentation was only a few hours away and everyone, his boss, his colleagues, and the customers, were all expecting Dr. Ron Boettcher to make the pitch. 
Only except Dr. Ron Boettcher’s body had been stolen from him and was somewhere out there wandering the streets of Chicago, whilst his mind was trapped within the form of a foxy young redhead. He should’ve known better than to trust her when she’d first approached him in the hotel bar, after all, what could a young attractive girl really have to want from a middle aged man like him? But she’d been so warm towards him and she was so very pretty, so when she suggested that he take her up to see his room, he hadn’t even given it a second thought. 
Once behind closed doors however, her demeanor suddenly changed as she swiftly injected him with some sort of immobilizing agent. The last thing that he remembered before she knocked him out was the sneer on her face and her taunting voice, revealing that she had been hired by a rival company to ensure that he would not be making the presentation. 
When he came to, he was surprised to still be in his hotel room. He had been almost certain that the girl had intended to kill him. When he discovered just what she had done to him however, he almost wished that she had. He was now in her body, how was he going to give the presentation now? In desperation, he’d even attempted to put on one of his shirts and a tie to see if he might still be able to somehow pull it off, but his new figure was clearly not intended to be hidden behind a shirt. There was no mistaking that he was a girl. If he wanted to retain any semblance of professionalism, he would have to find some new clothes. That meant getting a blouse, a jacket, a skirt, pantyhose, and heels, the whole nine yards. He was not looking forward to it, but what other option did he have left? Maybe he could convince his audience that “Ron” was a nickname, short for Dr. Veronica Boettcher…

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Payback's a Bitch (For Evie)

A capback, again! This time for the naughty and deliciously devious Evie!

Originally, the story for this cap was part of another, an offshoot if you will, but once I got to writing it, I quickly realized that it was a story all on its own. It was also at that point that I realized that this kind of story was a very prototypical "Evie" cap. That was when I decided to turn this into a cap for her! From there, my fingers flew across the keyboard and my most difficult and time consuming portion of this cap was once again the design. The story was actually finished on Monday evening, but I just hadn't had the time to put it all together yet. Hope she likes it!

Transcript: Thought it’d be cute to turn your ex-boyfriend into a girl so that he’d disappear? I must admit I was overcome at first, but that handsome well-hung stud, Jared, that you dumped me for and then sent to crush me into the ground, opened my eyes to new possibilities. I bided my time, watched, waited, and learned a new thing or two along the way, including the very magical powers that you used to turn my life upside down. I’m merely returning the favor. 
Ooh, does it mortify you to watch as the spell gradually morphs my body into yours and yours into another? By the time Jared gets back, he won’t even suspect a thing. As you can see, I already have your voluptuous hourglass figure, your perfect hemispherical breasts, and your shapely round ass. My voice is even beginning to sound more like yours too, breathier, sultrier, and simply oozing sex. Mmm, Evie sounds so much nicer than Adam...
But the process isn’t just physical, I’m also gaining access to your mind. Mmm, I can even feel the sensations as your memories flow into me, they’re so vivid it’s almost as if I was actually experiencing them right now. Oh god! Oh my goodness, that was amazing! Please tell me you remember having more wonderful orgasms! Wait, that’s different, oh wow, you are a naughty girl! I never knew that about you…and I guess Jared doesn’t either…Damien and Paolo? And is that Bianca, Damien’s wife, at another point too? Hell, I don’t blame you, she’s gorgeous! 
You were a wicked little temptress weren’t you? Always getting what you wanted, from anyone and everyone? Well guess what, I get to be that manipulative seductress now and after a few more spells, you’ll be reduced my docile little pet. 
Oh, would you look at that, your lingerie fits me like a glove, who would’ve guessed? I am you after all. I have your looks, your memories, and as much as it pains me to admit it, your personality. It’s just too much fun being a Machiavellian bitch, having men to dote on me, women to envy me, and lovers to satisfy me, but that isn’t even the best part. Those months I spent working in the brothel you tried to keep me in provided a unique education on pleasure, of which I was an extremely talented student. So when Jared comes home tonight, I will strip him slowly and make you watch as I fuck him right in front of you, powerless to do anything about it. You’ll be forced to listen as he compliments me on how good my pussy feels, how skilled I am, and how that that was the best fuck of his life. You’ll want to scream and shout, to tell him that I’m not who he thinks I am, that I’m just an imposter, but my spell will have sealed your lips and he will never know. 
Then when I’m through with him, I’ll discard him as you did me, but don’t think that I intend on letting you off that easy. Day after day, night after night, lover after lover, you’ll be forced to watch as I bask in the eternal bliss of orgasmic pleasure, pretending to be you and no one the wiser. And I’ll continue to be you, as long as it holds my interest…which judging from the already massive but still ever growing wardrobe of yours, could be a very, very long time…