Friday, September 13, 2013

Backyard Seductress


The bodysuit was perfect: long silky locks, smooth luxurious curves, and an expression that simply oozed with sex appeal. Jeff spent every available moment in it, willingly shedding his mundane life for that of a voluptuous brunette goddess whom he termed Jessica. Regretfully, it was a guilty pleasure that had to be confined to within the safety of his home. He didn’t dare venture out, lest someone uncover his dirty secret.
Lately however, he had taken to lounging around in the expansive back yard of his home. Sometimes he would do yoga or pretend to read while he suntanned, but more often than not, Jessica would end up completely naked and exposed in the bright sunlight. Her slow, erotic striptease and subsequent seemingly innocent display were all played off as being unintentional of course, but Jessica knew that the men in the neighborhood would be watching. It gave her secret pleasure to know that at any given moment, a man might be watching her and tugging away at his cock with reckless abandon, fervent with desire as he fantasized about her. She just hoped that it wouldn’t be much longer before one of them finally decided joined her in the backyard…