Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Picture Perfect

If only we could all look this good in our pictures...
I decided I'd try a new style with this one. The idea was short enough and I wanted to try making a "real caption". I think as a whole, it worked well, particularly since everything is quite short. I think this may be one of the shortest caps I've written in awhile. Let me know what you guys think!
And on a side note, I'm back!
Transcript: “Oh you look so adorable! Hold that pose, James. Yes, just like that: leave one hand over your ‘breasts’ while using the other to hide your cock. Marvelous. With these pictures in hand, no one will ever suspect you are anything other than a young pretty girl!”
PHOTO—July 25, 2013: James Davis poses for the camera as his step-sister Lisa (not pictured) directs him. Although a boy, James achieves his stunningly feminine look through the use of a variety of beauty products and incredibly life-like prosthetics. Astonishingly, James’ flattering shape has been attained without the use of feminizing hormones or surgery. Instead, James employs daily calisthenics and a healthy diet to maintain his slender form. James has also recently begun a corset training program under Lisa’s direction to further enhance his figure. Photographs from this shoot are to be included in James’ portfolio, which will be sent to a select number of publications, under the pseudonym Jamie Davis.