Monday, September 23, 2013

Twenty Seven Minutes

Twenty seven minutes can seem like an eternity under certain conditions. Pain or pleasure? Sometimes it can be both. 

Transcript: Come on David, is that all you have to say for yourself? Oh I’m sorry, I can’t understand you with that big ol’ gag in your mouth. Did you honestly think that you were the only one with magical powers in this relationship? Poor David, if you could only pronounce the counterspell. If only you could remember the counterspell.
Can you feel it David? Your knowledge of magic leaving you? Frustrating isn’t it? Knowing that you’re forgetting something, but unable to recall what? You ought to know. You’ve used the same spell enough times on me. Oh don’t look at me like that. Making you forget how to use magic is the only way for me to make it safe to remove your gag. I can’t keep you gagged forever. What fun would that be? No, your mouth is much better suited to be occupied with other things.
Squirm all you want to David. You can’t wiggle your way out of this one. Tell me, do you think I’m being a mean bitch? Is your punishment too severe? Oh, don’t cry, David. What’s the matter? I thought you liked blondes with big tits. Would you like me to stop? To untie you? To turn you back into a man? Well that’s too bad, because I don’t think you deserve it. You brought this on yourself. Cheating on me with all those other girls? Tsk tsk. A boy like you needs to be taught a lesson.
27 minutes with the vibrator, one minute for every week of infidelity, set on the fifth level of intensity for the five other girls you’ve shared beds with. Endure the pleasure without having an orgasm and I’ll turn you back. That seems pretty generous don’t you think? But orgasm once and I’ll keep you as my pet for a week. You can try again after seven days, but fail three times in a row and I’ll arrange for a real man to show you the depths of womanly bliss. You better hope that none of his cum gets inside of your tight little pussy then. You remember what happens if it does don’t you? That’s right, it means you better get used to leaving the toilet seat down for good. Not to worry though. I’ll make him wear a condom if you’ve behaved. The chances of it breaking are small if put on correctly, though that might be a challenge being that you won’t be allowed to use your hands. But at least all that foreplay will give you a chance to get wet. I’ve only got oil based lube otherwise and you know what they say about oil and latex.