Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Dawn (for Dawn)

Here's a caption that I made for Dawn (aka commentator) over at the Haven. Her preferences consisted mostly of "don'ts" which gave me pretty much free reign over what I wanted to do with this story. This is what I came up with. Personally, I am particularly pleased with the layout, it took me awhile to figure out how to put all the text into a caption, but I'm very much liking the design I selected. I may have to return to this style more often!

Transcript: The sun's warm morning rays shone in brilliantly from the large windows that surrounded the room, but even they could not be compared to the radiant smile upon Darrell's face. Was this really real? It still seemed impossible, yet here he, or she as it was now, stood, living proof of the miraculous occurrence. 
Twelve hours ago, he had gone to bed as Darrell, a nondescript young man in his early twenties with an uninteresting career and an even duller love life. Nothing seemed unusual about him which was exactly how he liked it. He had been careful to conceal the forbidden yearning that the world would not look too kindly upon: he wanted to be a woman. For years he'd secretly stockpiled an array of women's clothing, accessories, and beauty products, along with a few other items that most women didn't need. His feminine alter ego lived in secret and was kept quieter than even the most scandalous politician’s affair. It was his dirty little secret. He wanted to wear glamorous gowns and sultry lingerie, to get all dolled up, and draw the admiring gazes of men and women alike. It wasn't that he abhorred being a man, but why be something mediocre when he could be something extraordinary?
And now, he was—extraordinary that is to say the least. How he had come to awake this morning with the body of a brunette goddess was still unknown, but looking back, there seemed to be only one possible explanation. Absurd as it was, the eccentric old lady he'd helped the week before had promised him that his heart's greatest wish would come true in return for his kindness. He hadn't believed her or given much thought to it then, but he sure couldn't stop wondering about her now. As unscientific as it was, it was the only logical conclusion. But that was of little concern, the how was not nearly as important as the now. All that mattered was he was a woman now, and a stunningly ravishing one at that!
It seemed only fitting then that he also cease referring to himself as a man. From this moment forward, he would be no longer Darrell, but Dawn. Dawn breathed in a sigh of satisfaction. She still couldn't quite get over how well the lingerie she had bought so long ago fit her now. Trying on the various garments from her stockpile had been one of the first things she had done, after exploring the bountiful pleasures of womanhood of course. How different the clothes felt now that she possessed the proper form. It was a foreign, but welcome sensation the way her silky corset cupped her lovely breasts, but even more marvelous was the smooth, flat fit of her tiny lace panties. They looked so sexy on her now!
Dawn could feel it. Today would be the start of something amazing. She didn’t know what other surprises the day might bring her, but she could feel that whatever was in store, it would be spectacular. It would be a time for new beginnings and new adventures—a new dawn.