Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sooner than Later

Transcript: I’d known that getting caught whilst en femme was bound to happen sooner or later. I just hadn’t expected it to be this soon.
It’d been a quiet weekend in the house. My parents had left for the weekend and as had all three of my older sisters. I had volunteered to stay behind to watch the house and study for the SAT’s, or so I claimed. In actuality, I had no intention of studying. An entire weekend to myself however was the perfect opportunity to let my femme side run wild and go free.
Saturday morning started off without a hitch. I began by exploring into my sister’s wardrobes and selecting my first outfit of the weekend. Now, the great thing about having three older sisters is also having three older sisters worth of clothes, shoes, and accessories. I had access to just about anything a girl could want.  Eventually, I settled on a gorgeous green Jovani dress that my sister Ashley had worn to prom last year, along with some extra raunchy lingerie courtesy of my other sister, Vanessa. Then began the transformation process.
My first order of business was to prepare my skin. For total body exfoliation, a simple hair removal cream did the trick for the most part, while a good razor took care of the rest. A hot relaxing bath then followed, serving the dual purpose of softening my now silky smooth skin as well as putting me in the mood. I tried a variety of my sisters’ bath products, as well as their lotions and creams once I had dried off, leaving me smelling like a rich floral bouquet. Making my way to the vanity, I had just completed the long arduous process of attaching my hair extensions and applying my makeup when the unexpected happened. A voice called out and I could hear footsteps rapidly approaching down the hall.
I tried to hide, but it was too late. Standing at the doorway gaping was Edgar, Ashely’s boyfriend. Had I been fully dressed, I might’ve been able to convince him that I was a younger sister Ashley had never mentioned, but with my not so small cock still hanging free between my legs, I knew the jig was up. I could see it in his face, he knew exactly who I was and it was obvious what I was doing. I broke the silence first, pleading with him not to tell. Ashley would kill me if she found out that I had planned on wearing her Jovani dress without asking. Edgar, however, seemed pretty adamant to expose me. He informed me flat out that he would tell and there was not one thing I could do to change his mind. I stared at him in awkward silence for a few moments while my mind raced a thousand miles a minute to find a solution. It was then that I noticed his raging hard on. Slowly lowering myself onto my knees, I began to gingerly unwrap his package, first with my eyes and then my hands as I asked him one more time if there was really nothing I could do to change his mind. Nothing, I asked. Nothing, he said. Boy did I prove him wrong.