Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wizard, Beware

"Oh dear. Clearly intoxicated, partial temporary memory loss, and blonde. Not a very good combination. Garry noted that the bottle was already half drained, which explained a lot."

Transcript: “Hey Steve, would you quit causing such a racket? I’m trying to get some work done here!” Garry yelled out in frustration as he tried to drown out the cacophonous clamor coming from the kitchen, but the disturbances continued.
Ugh, it was seven at night on a Wednesday, what in the world was Steve up to? Despite what some of their other friends might’ve argued, seven in the evening on a weekday was far too early to be drinking, yet the clanging of glass bottles could be distinctly heard over the riotous noise. Fed up, Garry decided to finally go find out for himself. He wasn’t going to get much more work done with all that racket anyways.
“Steve, what the hell are you doing—oh shit!” Garry exclaimed as he recognized the bottle in the blonde’s hands immediately and deduced what had happened.
“Oh hey there handsome. The name’s Stephanie, my friends call me Steph, but you can call me whatever you like.”
Oh dear. Clearly intoxicated, partial temporary memory loss, and blonde. Not a very good combination. Garry noted that the bottle was already half drained, which explained a lot. The potion hidden within the bottle had been highly concentrated and Steve had consumed almost nine times the normal dosage. You idiot, you should’ve found someplace other than an empty beer bottle to hide that potion! Such were the perils that faced a modern day wizard, or wizard-in-training to be more accurate. One couldn’t exactly leave potions lying about, but one still had to practice somehow.
Silently, Garry gave thanks that Steve hadn’t found another, potentially worse, potion to consume. While turning Steve into a gorgeous nymphomaniac was already pretty bad, transforming him into a purple elephant that could fart out rainbows and sneeze out Skittles would’ve been undoubtedly much worse. Garry made a mental note to move that particular potion to a more secure location.  
Garry quickly looked Stephanie up and down. Amazingly, aside from the all consuming-lust he knew she must’ve been feeling, along with the aforementioned symptoms, she was doing remarkably well. She had turned out remarkably well as well.
Stephanie giggled wildly as she raised the bottle to her lips once more, causing Garry to lunge forward and remove the bottle from her unyielding fingers, “I think you’ve had enough of this for now, why don’t we find something else for you to do for a little while?”
 “How about I suck your cock?”
It took every last reserve of self control for Garry to decline, “You have no idea how sorry I am, but we can’t have sex. We need to find some other way to pass the time.”
“Okay then, well how about we play a little game then?
A game could be good, it’d certainly help pass the time at least. “Okay, sure. What do you want to play?”
Stephanie flashed him a devious grin, “It’s called fire truck. I’ll be the fire truck. I’ll start by walking towards you, one step at a time. Then, when my body is pressed against yours, I’ll take my hands and slowly run them down your chest and towards my prize. When you want me to stop, I want you to tell me red light, okay?”
Garry struggled for an answer. He knew under normal circumstances what such a game might lead to, but it wasn’t outright sex and he could control himself, couldn’t he? Her hands looked so warm and soft, it couldn’t hurt just to have a little feel could it? “Alright, let’s play.”
Stephanie began just as she described, tantalizingly teasing him with her tender touch, but not just with her hands. Grinding herself into him, she fully exploited the thiness of the cotton barriers that separated them as she rubbed herself over his restrained member, providing him precisely the amount of stimulation she wanted.
As she drew near to her goal however, Garry knew he had to make her stop. But after he uttered out the code word, Stephanie surprised him by suddenly plunging her hands into his pants and wrapping her fingers around his engorged cock, giving it a few good strokes. The unexpected sensation proved to be too much, as her velvet touch caused him to explode within his pants. A million thoughts raced through his head as he glared at Stephanie in disbelief, but words would not form in his mouth. 
Stephanie returned his gaze with an impish grin as she casually licked his cum off her fingers, “Mmm, warm and sticky. Just how I like it.”
“Stephanie! What the hell! I thought we had an agreement! Red light means stop!” Garry yelled back, still not quite believing what had just happened.