Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Say the Word

Magical or not, a safeword only works if you're able to say it...
Transcript: When Bill had begun dating Natasha, he hadn’t noticed anything except for her stunning good looks. Looking back though, the signs had all been there: Natasha’s commanding presence, her wicked charm, and her thigh-high lace-up leather boots. To say that Natasha was unique would’ve  been an understatement. How many other women out there did he know that happened to be witches or had all the kinky fetishes that Natasha did? Certainly none that Bill had ever met.
Admittedly, Bill had found it pretty thrilling at first. The sex was great and Natasha was always up for anything. Threesomes, roleplay, bondage, she loved it all and with her use of magic, she really could become the neighbor’s teenage daughter!
Recently though, Natasha’s tastes had become much more devious. More and more in the bedroom, Bill found himself at Natasha’s feet as her slave. Natasha had even started to dress him up in her clothes and make him refer to himself as her sissy! And now, she had magically transformed him into a voluptuous blonde—tits, pussy, and all! The only comfort Bill had was that he had made Natasha agree upon a magical safeword that would force her to stop instantly. Unfortunately, being the naughty girl that Natasha was, she had even found a way to circumvent him from ruining her fun. With the gag in his mouth, Bill would be unable to pronounce even the simplest word much less the safeword; he’d already tried. He could only glare at her whilst she fastened the last of his restraints.  
Natasha looked rather pleased with herself. “There there my little pet. Don’t you worry, Mistress has got a nice big surprise for you.”