Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beauty and Brains

For the eagle eyed observers, you may find that the two models in the caption below are also the same very two featured in "Scandalous Studies". This is because when I was going through my folder of saved images and I saw them, I saw two very distinctly different stories in the images. Usually when something like that happens, I try to combine the stories into one, but these were so distinctly different that I knew I had to do two different caps for them, so here's this one! Leave me some comments!


Come on Dan! Give me those!
No way, Pat! There’s no way I’m letting you take these lab sheets as proof!
Why the hell not? If we can’t prove that we accidentally transformed ourselves into voluptuous young women, no one is ever going to believe us! We’d never be able to go back to our old lives!
Pfft, I can’t believe you! We get turned into total babes with a chance to relive what could be the best parts of our lives and you want to throw it all away?
You’re kidding me, you mean you actually want to stay as a girl?
Sure, why not? I mean, it sure beats the alternative. Just think for a minute, Pat. If the world ever found out about what happened here today, do you really think they’d just let us walk away from it? No, we’d get poked and prodded until they were satisfied, all in the name of science. Besides, haven’t you ever wondered how the other half lives? Or what it’d be like to be popular or well liked? We could go back through school as the girls we used to dream about, live the life of a drop dead gorgeous teen, but with the mind of a Ph.D.! Brains and beauty! Can you imagine just how deadly a combination that would be? We could do anything, go anywhere, and be anyone we wanted to be!
Well I suppose we could give it a try…just for a few days first though. I can’t deny that the possibilities seem enticing, but I’m still not too sure…
Great! It’s settled then!
For now, yes. Now would you please let me have some clothes? I haven’t quite gotten accustomed to seeing my new self naked yet…
No way! Are you kidding me? There’s only one way to get accustomed to our new bodies and we won’t be needing any clothes for that!