Monday, September 9, 2013

Wild 48

Well first, how about it! I finally got around to doing a possession style cap! Inspiration rarely strikes me in that department and I don't get much practice writing them, so we'll have to see how this one turns out.
Some you who are keener might be a bit confounded by the name of this caption because the number preceding it is "31", which doesn't match the current trend (I'm currently on "150"). If you notice however, there is no "31" on this site (a few other numbers are missing as well). This is because I actually started this caption a long, long time ago, but I never finished it and therefore also never published it. The unfinished caption however, kept bugging me, so I finally got around to doing just that. So here it is! The #31 that almost never was!


Transcript: The spell had worked! He now had a full forty eight hours in the body of Maria Rivera, the hottest girl in the entire school! He was still trying to soak it all in. So this was what it was like to be her. It still seemed strange to watch as the luscious brunette continued to follow his every move in the mirror. Despite the awkwardness he felt, her fine lithe limbs continued to carry themselves gracefully, always settling in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. It was almost as if she couldn’t be anything but beautiful.
He still couldn’t quite believe that he was now inside Maria’s body, literally. ‘Maria’s’ hands wandered towards her burgeoning breasts, caressing them gently as her gaze drifted elsewhere. She had a cute butt. It was certainly no wonder why every boy in the school was just dying to try and get her attention and here he was getting to be her! The thought sent an electrifying chill resonating throughout her entire body. She giggled, and then abruptly stopped as she paused to admire the sultry sounds of her own voice before breaking out into laughter once more.
She couldn’t decide what to do next. There were so many things she wanted to try, but so little time! Perusing through ‘her’ closet, she was quite satisfied to find that there appeared to be apparel for every occasion, including some for when none were required. Only one thing was certain, this weekend was sure to the wildest forty eight hours of both his and her lives! At least…until next weekend!