Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Marry for Money

I have a ton of shemale pictures that I haven't used yet and I've been wanting to make one for some time, so here it is! The story just sort of jumped at me when I saw the picture, but I couldn't figure out how to end it properly. I'm still not terribly happy with the conclusion, but it'll do I hope!
Transcript: Today is my wedding day. The ceremony starts in just a couple hours. So what are these two guys doing here with me you might ask? Allow me to explain. Though it may seem like it, I’m not just some cock crazed whore who can’t help but rip down the pants of every man she comes across. Far from being an impulsive act of passion, this is in fact a very carefully thought out step in an extremely intricate plan.
As you might’ve noticed, I’m not like most girls. One particular feature on my body tends to stand out in a very distinct way, my cock. You see, I’m not actually a girl. To get my hands on the Wilson fortune however, I had to pretend to be. With some practice, I got to be pretty good with a makeup brush. Add a well styled wig, life like breast forms, and some Oscar worthy acting, and Mia was born! Though the initial investment was extremely costly, the return will far outweigh the cost. As soon as today’s ceremony is over, I’ll have made it all back tenfold. As the new Mrs. Wilson, I’ll be entitled to at least half of Mr. Wilson’s estate, which is easily worth millions.
Now as for the two men servicing me, that’s Paolo and that’s Damien. I’ve paid them to help prepare me for tonight’s occasion in some very special ways. As old as Mr. Wilson is, there’s no doubt that he’ll want to fuck his new bride tonight, or at the very least, attempt to do so. He’s not marrying me for my wit or intelligence after all. Mr. Wilson believes he’s marrying a sultry, voluptuous brunette, and with a little help from an extraordinarily realistic faux pussy, he’ll have no reason to think otherwise.
To pull off the illusion however, my ‘pussy’ does need to be fully functional, which is why its opening has been made to lead to my ass. Though I am quite certain that Mr. Wilson’s member will be nowhere near the size of Paolo’s, I’m still having Paolo stretch it out for me now, such that my ass will be absolutely ready to provide the warm welcome of a woman’s flesh that Mr. Wilson is undoubtedly craving. Damien on the other hand is in the process of sucking me completely dry. I don’t want any mishaps tonight once things start to get hot and heavy. But with my exhausted cock tucked away behind a convincing fa├žade, it’ll be utterly undetectable, and with my balls completely dry, there’ll be no surprising climaxes either. Mr. Wilson will never suspect that his gorgeous new bride, with whom he is sharing his bed, his life, and most importantly, his fortune, isn’t entirely the woman she appears to be!