Saturday, August 24, 2013


Recently, I've started going over my caption document and trying to finish those that I've started but just never got around to finishing. This is one of them. I wrote this one way back at the end of summer last year I believe, but I was just never satisfied with it, so it never got published. I've made some changes to it once again and instead of letting it collect more dust, I've decided to set it free and see how it flies. Let me know what you guys think!

 Transcript: Her luxurious hips sway sensually as she slips out of her black mini-skirt, leaving her stripped down to just her little pink panties and tight fishnets. The scent of her provocative perfume emanates from her alluring presence, intoxicating the room with her feminine fragrance. She wears it because she knows its effects. She yearns to be desired, to be ravished, and to be submitted to. 
She bats her lashes and flashes her lover a salacious smile as she slowly slides her perfectly manicured hands down her undulating body and towards her sex. A long, lascivious moan arises from her lips as the two meet, shattering the silence that had existed between. Her lover’s outstandingly obvious arousal immensely turns her on, urging her to continue. With her flawlessly round bubble butt in his face, she begins to peel back the last physical barrier separating her from him. She only does so because she knows that her power over him is complete. He will do anything she asks of him now, even suck the long hard cock she’s been so desperately trying to hide in her panties.