Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tricks of the Lips

Every now and then I get struck with sudden inspiration and today, I decided that despite my lack of time I absolutely had to write this one out. Let me know what you guys think! What do you think will happen at prom?

 Transcript: It was spring of my last year in high school and the weekend of senior prom. My parents had left a few days prior and my sister had gone off to college the year before.

Although I was old enough to stay at home alone, I had also recently been grounded, so my parents had insisted that Matt, an old family friend, stay over to watch me while they were gone. While Matt and I weren’t particularly close, I’d known Matt for years and he’d only recently graduated from college, which made him still relatively cool by my standards.

Still, I wasn’t particularly pleased. The plans I had made for prom had been formed around the assumption that I would have the house to myself and not being afforded that luxury would make things much more difficult.

You see, I had planned on going to prom as a girl. Despite how average or normal I seemed, if a teenage boy could be considered normal that is, I wasn’t. For years I’d secretly pretended to be a member of the fairer sex whenever I could, safe behind the privacy of drawn blinds and locked doors, but after I’d returned home from my first public foray, I’d known I’d wanted more.

Prom would be the culmination of all I had worked towards and dreamed of. It would be my female alter ego, Lexi’s, first real debut and I wasn’t about to let anything or anyone stop me.

When prom day finally arrived, I was giddy with excitement. Convincing Matt that I was upstairs busy studying for a major exam, I made sure to distract him with old reruns of Happy Days before I went to work.

Believe me when I say that it was not easy. You wouldn’t believe how much work it took to make beauty look this effortless. Most girls get their hair and makeup done professionally, but I had to do mine all by myself, as well as a few other things that the other girls didn’t have to worry about. Securing the perfect tuck required nearly twenty minutes and waiting for the glue on my breast forms to dry so that they would adhere to my chest took an entire hour. It took me nearly all day to complete my transformation, but the results were well worth it; I looked spectacular.

Now that the hard work was done, all I had to do was to sneak out of the house, which was easier said than done. I’d almost made it to the door when Matt nearly gave me a heart attack, causing me to put even the most foul-mouthed sailor to shame.
Despite my current appearance, Matt recognized me nearly right away. Like I said, he’d graduated college. He was a pretty smart guy and my unladylike outburst hadn’t helped matters much. He immediately began to question me, what I was doing, where I was going, and why I was dressed as I was. There was no point in lying. I told him the truth. 
Matt surprised me by first complimenting me, saying that it took guts to do what I had planned on doing and he admired that, but it didn’t change the fact that I was grounded. Using his large frame to bar the door, Matt flatly informed me that despite the circumstances, the rules were still the rules and he was going to enforce them. 
At six foot two, Matt towered over me, even in the four inch shimmering heels I was wearing. There was no way I was forcing my way out and I wasn’t about to try, there was no sense in messing up my hair, but I also wasn’t about to give up that easily. You know the old saying the best way to settle an argument is not with your fists, but with your mouth? Well, I decided to take that little bit of wisdom to heart. 
When I finished my oral persuasion several minutes later, the only thing he had left to say to me was, “So do you need a date?”