Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Hard Time

Transcript: Allen had thought it wouldn’t be a problem. Sunbathing nude? It wasn’t his idea of a great time, but it was what his buddy Taylor wanted to do and it wasn’t that unbearable, so he’d agreed. The nude part had also been Taylor’s idea. He’d wanted to avoid getting any tan lines and it shouldn’t have been an issue, he had argued, since they were all guys anyway. Allen had agreed then, but he was beginning to have a real hard time with it now.    
He and Taylor had been best of friends ever since the sixth grade, when he beat up the bullies picking on Taylor for being a sissy. He remembered what he thought about it at the time: so what if Taylor wore his hair a little long or wore girly colored clothes? A lot of guys did that, that didn’t make him a sissy. 
But as the two of them grew older, the differences began to become unmistakable. Whilst other guys began to shave their beards, Taylor began shaving his entire body. Whilst other guys began to develop an interest in sports, cars, and girls, Taylor became fascinated by fashion, clothes, and beauty. And whilst other guys began using aftershave and cologne, Taylor began to use makeup and perfume. Even his physical characteristics became overtly distinguishable. Whilst other guys began to put on muscle, Taylor stayed slender and thin. Whilst other guys had their voices drop, Taylor’s stayed lyrical and high in pitch. And whilst other guys began to develop angular, Olympian physiques, Taylor developed goddess like curves. All throughout however, Allen had remained true and loyal to his friend, never giving him a hard time about it.
As Taylor began to peel off the last of his garments and beckoned for him to join him however, Allen couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Despite the logic of his mind, he could already feel himself embarrassingly beginning to stiffen down below. It didn’t matter what he knew about Taylor, his eyes only saw a girl and a ravishingly gorgeous one at that. He tried to use a towel to cover himself up, but his eight inch tent gave him away. Taylor just smiled as he beckoned him forth again. Allen gritted his teeth and took his place next to Taylor. He may have never given Taylor a hard time, but Taylor was certainly not returning the favor.