Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bedroom Insecurities

Transcript: Sasha could only wait on all fours with her delectable ass up in the air as her friends, Jenny and Laura, each licked one ripe cheek as if grooming her in preparation. Although she couldn’t see him, she knew that some lucky bastard that Jenny and Laura had picked up was also behind her, getting ready to have the time of his life.
“I don’t know if I can do this anymore,” Sasha whispered to her friends apprehensively, “I’m scared!”
“There’s nothing to be afraid of, trust me,” Laura whispered back. “We made sure to get a guy who really knew what he was doing. You know how they say it’s not the size that matters, but how he handles it? Well, he’s got a delicious eight inches of eager man meat and he knows how to handle it!”
Sasha yelped at the thought of something so massive being pushed inside of her.
Jenny shot Laura a look. “Look, Sasha, if you want to call it off, it really wouldn’t be that hard to find another guy before the sex change potion wears off, if you change your mind again. It’s a big step to take, sealing the magic inside of you with a man’s seed and committing to be a woman forever. I mean, I think I speak for Laura as well when I say that I was pretty nervous about doing it as well! Giving up one of the largest portions of my identity was absolutely terrifying!”
“It’s not that. I know in my heart that this is what I want. Living out the past few days with you girls, as a girl, has been the most gratifying things I have ever experienced. I feel so lucky to have you girls as friends and more than anything I want this to last, but…” Sasha trailed off.
Jenny waited patiently as Sasha chose her words. Even the usually outspoken Laura was quiet. They both understood what this moment was like for their friend. It had only been a day or two since they’d been in the same position themselves.
“Well…to seal the spell…a guy has to cum inside of me…but I’ve never done this before, what if he doesn’t think I’m pretty, what if I can’t make him cum? I mean who knows how hard it could be to make love to a man and—”
Laura cut her off, “Take it from me Sasha, you’re a total babe, and the only thing hard here right now is that man’s cock, which is harder than fired clay. See for yourself!” Sasha snuck a peek from around her legs. Laura was right. Laura continued, “He wants you so bad that he’s been dripping precum all over the carpet for the last ten minutes from just the sight of you. Of course, our constant teasing hasn’t helped, but I’m surprised he hasn’t exploded already, so if you want his sticky seed, you’ve only but to let him in. He’ll probably hate me for saying this, but I doubt his ready to spurt cock will last anymore than three minutes!”