Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Process of Satisfaction

While most saw nothing more than another piece of exquisite arm-candy, James saw his masterpiece.

Transcript: Perfect. James Slade felt nothing but satisfaction as he gazed upon the yielding blonde in his bed. Tiffany James called her, though her legal name was something else. Her bleached blonde hair and shapely breasts were likewise no more real than her name. Even her tantalizingly sweet pussy was no more than an extremely well-crafted counterfeit. But no one except for James Slade would ever know. While most saw nothing more than another piece of exquisite arm-candy, James saw his masterpiece.
Tiffany had been a young man named Carl once. From the moment Carl had been introduced to James, he had begun following James around like a lost puppy. It was natural James supposed. James was everything that most men strived to be: handsome, wealthy, successful, and dominant. Much came from his inheritance, including the genes to his majestically sized body, among other things, and like many others, Carl had flocked to him for direction. In fact, Carl was so eager to please, that turning him into a sissy and had hardly taken any work at all. It had been somewhat disappointing actually; James quite enjoyed the gratification of crushing a man’s will before bending it to his own. Sure, Carl had tried to resist when James had had him injected with feminizing hormones and even cried the first time the James had pounded his tight virgin ass, but only the first time. Countless surgical procedures and untold hours of ‘instruction’ later, the finished product lay before him, awaiting its christening.
Adorned and painted in her very best, Tiffany had accompanied James to a company party earlier in the evening. Though it did not behoove her to stand as his equal, Tiffany had played the part of a well-groomed young lady marvelously well at James’ behest. Here in the privacy of a secluded room however, she could give in to her instincts; James was her master. She had hiked up her dress, removed her panties, and exposed her prize. Tiffany feverishly desired to feel her master’s enormously large cock within her once again, but she was his to do with as he pleased. Whatever James wanted from her, she would give. His pleasure became hers. Tiffany knew that she was her master’s sissy and nothing else could ever make her happier.