Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meeting His Roommate's Other Side

Nicholas honestly hadn’t meant to spy, but as his gaze passed through the opening of his roommate’s cracked open door, the captivating brunette he saw made it impossible not to. Despite having never seen her before, he’d recognized who she was instantly by the tattoo on the bottom of her left ankle. ‘She’ wasn’t a ‘she’ at all, but a ‘he’, and none other than his roommate, Ryan. With the way Nicholas was staring, he was thankful that ‘she’ had been too preoccupied thus far to notice him yet.
Nicholas had known that Ryan had had a penchant for cross dressing, it was something the two of them had discussed after living together for some time, but he had never actually seen Ryan dressed as a girl before, a point he had gone to great lengths to maintain. He’d seen some stomach churning photos of men in dresses before and spontaneous hurling on his apartment’s fresh carpet was something he’d much rather avoid. Seeing Ryan however, he found himself experiencing a much different reaction altogether, an autonomic response that was localized a bit further south of the stomach.
Dressed in white short shorts and a brightly colored tank top, ‘she’ looked like something out of a raunchy magazine spread or a teenage boy’s wet dream. ‘She’ was striking provocative poses and examining ‘herself’ sensuously in the mirror, putting on quite the performance for ‘her’ unannounced audience. Nicholas couldn’t believe how good ‘she’ looked. Seeing ‘her’ as ‘she’ was now, he doubted anyone else would’ve been able to tell.
‘Her’ exhibition soon turned into a real show as ‘she’ put on a sultry melody and began to dance. Nicholas watched in a mixture of arousal and awe as ‘her’ lithe form swayed and seduced an imaginary crowd with fascinating expertise. Slowly, playfully, and meticulously, ‘she’ teased ‘her’ way out of ‘her’ garments until only a tight pair of cotton panties remained. Nicholas wasn’t so sure that he wanted to see the rest, but he felt certain that he didn’t want to miss it either.
As the song came to an end, ‘she’ leisurely slid ‘her’ panties halfway down, exposing a gorgeous bubble butt that Nicholas would’ve sworn only could’ve belonged to a woman, but then stopped. Looking over ‘her’ shoulder and straight through the semi-open doorway, ‘she’ appeared to be staring straight at him as ‘she’ cast a come-hither glance and then winked. Then slowly moving out of view, the last thing Nicholas saw was a perfectly manicured finger beckoning him inside. A few moments later, ‘her’ panties landed in the doorway in front of him. The ball was in his court now. He had little doubt what he would do with it…